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Children’s Book Review: Smile with Yoga By I. Rekem & Illustrated By Alifstyle

“Smile with Yoga” is a fun, engaging, and overall kid-friendly introduction to a discipline that enriches lives. You’re never too young to start along the joyful path of yoga discovery.

Our children live in a world full of stresses and worries. What may seem like a small problem to an adult is significant to a child. Children stress from family, school, and friends. It becomes hard for them to control their feelings and thoughts when they don’t understand the world around them. This is when yoga comes in handy.

Having a child that suffers from anxiety, I have tried everything you can imagine to help her become balanced and calm again. After doing research and trying many things, the only thing that can keep my daughter grounded is yoga. She loves it. Yoga has become a valuable resource and a necessity in my children’s lives. I didn’t expect for my children and me to become immersed in the world of yoga for children but OMG I don’t think we could have it any other way. So, when my daughter and I had the chance to read this book, she was ecstatic and so was I.

kids yoga

This book, written by I. Rekem and illustrated by Alifstyle will teach your children the invaluable practice of Yoga. I. Rekem uses techniques in his book that will help your children become balanced, creative and calm while helping your children improve their confidence, and physical health. I. Rekem’s goal as an author is to engage your kids into the “joyful path” of Yoga.

I. Rekem’s book makes it next to impossible not to become fully involved in yoga. It is LIFE! The book cleverly uses rhyming to catch and engage children’s attention throughout the book. It also relates the yoga poses to animals to make it more enjoyable and appealing. Who doesn’t want to stand tall like a flamingo on only one foot? I know I do!

kids yoga

The book is easy to read and easy to follow. My children have enjoyed practicing yoga poses and deep breathing throughout the book. Parents, educators, and professionals can also reference the back of the book where I. Rekem goes into more detail on how to properly perform each yoga pose. I found it very helpful and useful when I was doing yoga with my children.

Alifstyle did a beautiful job illustrating the book as well. Smile with Yoga pops with color, and the pictures will keep your kids engaged and laughing. The illustrations took us on a journey of real places to the ocean, forest, desert, and even the woodlands of Africa. I must say that we have completely fallen in love with this book by I. Rekem. And it has made its way to the section of our favorites on the bookshelf.

kids yoga

Why and How to Use It With Your Kids

  • Great gift to give any child
  • Teach healthy lifestyle based on yoga principles
  • Use in a variety of settings including classrooms, yoga studios, and your home
  • Teach your children how to control stress and anxiety with yoga poses and mindfulness activities
  • Use it to encourage teamwork
  • Yoga builds strength and flexibility
  • Yoga boosts energy
  • It encourages self-expression and builds self-confidence
  • Combining stories and movement uses left- and right-brain thinking
  • Great opportunity for parents to develop a deeper relationship  with their child when practiced together

Where Can I Find Smile With Yoga?

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

*This book was kindly given to me in exchange for an honest review. *

10 comments on “Children’s Book Review: Smile with Yoga By I. Rekem & Illustrated By Alifstyle

  1. Wow, I would’ve loved yoga as a kid! What a great thing to start your kids off young with! That seems like such a fun book 🙂

  2. I’m already teaching my daughter yoga, but can’t fellow her moves because I didn’t get the same chance to practice such exercises when I was young.

  3. What a wonderful book for kids. It’s great for kids to learn about yoga from a young age. They will also start to learn about leading a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

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