Review of the GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope – Featuring Emily Dawn Calandrelli

Explore the solar system and learn from 240 fun facts and questions about outer space! This updated version of our best selling GeoSafari Talking Telescope™ is the ultimate science show-and-tell experience.

Product Review

As a parent, I am such a happy camper when I find toys that my children love playing but also help them learn at the same time! The GeoSafari Talking Telescope is a MUST HAVE toy for your little one. It is both entertaining and educational with fun packed facts and questions about outer-space.

It supports role play and imaginative play while learning and features a fact and quiz mode that encourages your child to listen and answer questions about the solar system. Did you know that astronauts don’t eat bread in outer-space? Neither did I! It also includes multiple images of space, planets, and stars that provides visuals that will enhance and develop your child’s visual perception.

I really enjoyed using this toy with my kids. They thought it was entertaining and were extremely fascinated with all of its functions. The GeoSafari Talking Telescope kept my kids engaged and amused for a long period of time. What mother doesn’t love that?

As a parent, I am always looking for a toy that can stimulate my kid’s minds as well as engage them in fun play. I think that this toy accomplished this goal. I love hearing my kids recite back the facts they learned. It gives me great joy to know that they are learning from play.

I was also very impressed with the 365 days – love it or return it policy. Educational Insights really gets behind their products and I can appreciate that!


  • Telescope features Fact Mode and Quiz Mode
  • Includes 24 fascinating images of planets, stars, and space
  • Each image includes 5 facts and 5 questions
  • 60 Minutes of audio in English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Includes tripod with soft rubber feet 

Where can I find the GeoSafari Talking Telescope?

You can find the GeoSafari Talking Telescope – Featuring Emily Calandrelli HERE

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