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Embarrassing Mom Moments Every Mom Can Relate To

Becoming a mom comes with a lot of experiences. Some good and some bad, some sad and some happy and then there are those embarrassing moments that every mom will experience more than once in your lifetime. You know, those OMG I can’t believe that just happened moments; those moments that are so embarrassing that you don’t always want to share them because someone’s mouth might drop open while you tell the story of those very awkward moments. 

Well, I am here to you that those embarrassing moments come with the mom territory. Although you will experience many great mom moments like watching your baby crawl for the first time or speaking their first words know that you will also have the experience of those challenging and ridiculous mom moments that you will also remember for years to come!

Ultimately, these are amazing stories to share with others, especially with newer moms to let them know they are not alone! It is always nice to see that you are not the only one who now pees themselves because you no longer have the greatest bladder control and yes this will most likely happen! Moms both new and experienced have been through it all. So why not embrace those funny moments, chalk it up to being part of that mom life and share some laughs with others.

 So in the spirit of moms supporting moms here are 12 times moms experienced those funny and most embarrassing mom moments and lived to tell their story starting with me!

“When I was pregnant with my last son, I went into early labor. I didn’t know it yet. I was about two weeks from my due date and was having a lot of cramping. I was putting my daughter to bed when I felt something falling down my leg. I didn’t know what to do other than to try and catch whatever it was (bad idea). I looked down, and I was holding my mucus plug. My husband and daughter just looked at me and ran out. I don’t think my husband ever recovered from seeing that.”

“One day when I was pushing my four-year-old through the peanut butter aisle in a car when he started fussing about wanting to get out of the cart.  I asked him why he needed to get out and very loudly for all to hear he exclaimed, “Because my balls hurt!” I wanted to crawl in a hole.”

“Breastfeeding, working, pumping momma here. I pumped on my lunch break the other day, on the way to lunch…Hopped out of the car and made perfect eye contact with a guy doing a double take at me… My sweater was still pulled up.”

“I think what stands out most to me is my five y old son (at the time) telling one of my daycare parents at pickup that he couldn’t sleep last night because he kept hearing “pounding noises” in the basement … Where his parents sleep.”

“I think one of the top ones had to be singing in the church choir while nursing a little at the same time! I want to burp her not thinking about anything but her and the song and accidentally flashed everyone! Thankfully UU church is a rather awesome crowd, and I didn’t get shunned!”

“One is if I have the baby with me I fart in public and blame it on him. Except for one day I forgot he wasn’t with me and I let one rip. It was quite obviously me…oops.”

“Spit up on my jacket at a client meeting.”

“I took my potty-training son to the restaurant bathroom. Since he indicated #1, I positioned him (standing on the seat) to go, when suddenly I realized it was rushing from both sides, landing on my flip-flop wearing feet. So I’m panicking trying to clean him up, clean me up and the floor without letting him loose to get dirtier! A sympathetic woman handed me a pile of paper towels under the wall (because this was a larger job than TP could handle) and my son is yelling “Mom! You have poop! On your SHOES!” “Mom! There is poop! On the FLOOR!” I walked back out to the restroom, told the family we had to leave, walked to the parking lot, left my flip-flops in the parking lot and drove home barefoot.”

“So this happened when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I was about 7 months pregnant when I developed a cough. No other symptoms, just the cough. I would cough so much back-to-back that I would throw up and pee a little. So my daughter had rehearsals for this show she was in. On the way there, I grabbed some McDonald’s since we were in a hurry and didn’t have time to eat. Now we’re eating in the car while I’m driving when I start to cough uncontrollably. I grab the McDonald’s bag, empty its contents, and use the bag to puke in. Didn’t really think that one through because the bag was a paper bag. So here I am with puke on my lap, my pants are wet because, you know, I’m 7 months pregnant & coughing so I can’t control my bladder, and we are running a little late to rehearsals. So what did I do? I wrapped my coat around my waist and went to her 3-hour rehearsal. People probably thought I was antisocial that day, but I just didn’t want anyone to recognize the stench of vomit and pee on me.”

“I peed myself more than I would like to admit!”

“I’m gonna put this out there. After having two kids and being pregnant now with my third, the amount of times I pee myself a little is uncanny. If I laugh too hard, sneeze, cough, sit down, get back up, or hear any kind of running water, I’m running for the bathroom and it’s embarrassing every single time.”

“Other than my children stating the obvious during situations I am thinking to myself that I hope they DON’T?”

Sometimes being a new or expecting mom, we experience things that are outright weird, funny or humiliating (or at least we think they are) but what we don’t realize is most women have experienced some of those same embarrassing moments too. If you have a story that you would love to share, please feel free to comment below. I would like to hear all of your crazy OMG moments too!

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