Tips for Building a Home Office

For many self-employed people, their home is also their office. According to, more than 5% of Americans are now working from home thanks to the Internet. While working a job at another location is more traditional, it’s also much more limiting. For many people, being able to work in their home office is a dream come true as they can wear whatever they want and be surrounded in an environment that can be decorated in a way that keeps them motivated and productive. It can also be more cost-effective if you lie in a city with expensive commutes like Chicago, Los Angeles, or  San Diego.

Here are some tips that you will want to consider when putting together and designing your own home office.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair


Having a comfortable place to work from is vital to being efficient. Your home office work chair should have plenty of back support to keep you from getting those nasty aches and pains that many office workers end up having to endure. While there may be many cheap options, it’s really essential to invest in a good one that’s particularly suited to your body by trying them out at the store.

Consider a Standing Desk

It’s been scientifically proven that sitting for very long periods is really bad for your health, which is why a standing desk might be something to consider. Not only will you help your blood flow better, but studies have shown that standing desks can improve focus and productivity. There is a wide range of options, including desks that can convert from a standing desk to a sitting desk and vice versa.

Add Some Green Plants to Your Space

Having a few green plants in your home office is something that’s been found not only keep you happier, but it can make you up to 15% more productive on any given day. They add a touch of color to your office decor and can really improve the overall vibe of the area. Just be sure to find something low maintenance that’s easy to care for.

Natural Light is Best

Just about everyone would agree that an office with natural light feels better than one with fluorescent lights, as it not only makes your mood lighter, but it also helps to increase productivity. Plus, studies have found that people who are exposed to natural light during their work hours tend to sleep better at night than those who don’t

Separate Your Work and Personal Areas

To function at your best when you have a home office, it’s critical to keep your working space in a different part of your home than your personal space. This is because our brains associate certain areas with specific tasks, which is why being at the gym allows us to get motivated to work out faster than from our beds. Keeping your personal and professional space will keep you more productive and organized with your day to day tasks and workload.

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