5 Ways Special Guest App Is Changing Comedy

Comedy has been a genre that has been around for thousands of years. Generations ago, entertainers realized that one of the best ways to entertain was to make people laugh and forget about their everyday problems, thus giving birth to the genre of comedy. Comedy comes in all different forms, and we even experience it in our everyday life. So you may be asking, how could something so timeless ever be changed or revolutionized? Surprisingly, the platform Special Guest App is changing the way we consume live entertainment such as comedy. How exactly are they doing it? Here are five ways the Special Guest App could change comedy forever.

Easier To Find Talent

The biggest way that Special Guest App is changing comedy is by making the acquisition of talented comedians that much easier. Previously, in order to hire the talent, you would have had to have some sort of connection with them. Now you can simply log on the Special Guest platform and search for local comedians in your area. It is as simple as that! This allows more comedians to find more gigs and makes the hiring of comedians much more viable for venues that typically wouldn’t consider it.

Fair Rates

One way that Special Guest App will really change the comedy world is by allowing for fair rates for all of the small-time comedians. Typically comedians struggled to find gigs, meaning they would have to take whatever avenue would pay them. However, now that Special Guest App is here, comedians can set their own rates and ensure that they are being paid fairly.

Wider Talent Pool

With it becoming easier and easier to land comedy gigs, more and more comedians will begin to pop up. Soon many different comedians will begin popping up on platforms like Special Guest looking to make a living. It is now easier than ever to land a gig and get in contact with a venue, so why not try your hand at comedy? With this wider talent pool, we will likely see more crazy and unique comedy acts such as a talented clown, Barack Obama impersonator, and a puppet master. Special Guest App has the potential to expand comedy to its fullest potential, making it a very exciting time to be a comedian.

Hire on The Go

One of the best features about Special Guest App is its portability and accessibility. Special Guest App is as its name implies, a mobile application. This means that it can be used from your mobile device and from just about anywhere in the world. If you’re not comfortable acquiring talent from your mobile device, then you can always use the platform’s website instead. Both are great choices, and both are extremely simple to use. Hiring comedians and other live entertainers have never been easier!

Tailor Performances to Your Specific Needs

Another great feature of Special Guest App is the ability to leave and read reviews on the profiles of talent that you have worked with before. This means that if you are looking to hire a certain comedian, then you can look at what others have said about them previously in their reviews. This allows you to hire the perfect comedian for your live show and really allows you to tailor your talent to your specific needs. Just worked with a comedian and loved how they did? Leave a review on their profile, and let future venues know exactly what this comedian is like!

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