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19 Children’s Books To Read This Summer

With Summer around the corner, it’s essential to have your kids read books in the Summer. Summer reading is vital for many reasons. It helps kids maintain literacy skills learned from the previous school year, and it also stimulates your child’s mind during the months they are not in school. According to Reading Rockets, “children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress, and that loss has a cumulative, long-term effect.”

Here is a round up of some great reads for you and your children to read this summer! 

Sweetbeet Books

summer book round upSomething very different has emerged from a butterfly chrysalis, and she is about to make children’s imaginations soar!

· Story set in verse celebrates uniqueness and self-esteem.
· BONUS ONE: Learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly
· BONUS TWO: Fun Facts about Metamorphosis, even adults, don’t know!
· BONUS Three: 2 Pages to color in the back

Author: Alma Hammond

A Prince, a Giant Peacock and the Gold Ring

summer reading round upThis is a story that tells how important family is, and how different we all are. To be royal not by blood, but in our hearts, is a beauty that can go beyond what we can see in each other and ourselves.

Author: Elizabeth Bowhall

Where Can We Have The Party?

round up summer readingGiraffe wants to have a party for his friend, Chimpanzee. There’s one problem standing in his way. Where can he have a party?

He asks his other friends for ideas. They have good ideas, but for one reason or another, they won’t work. Where can they have a party?

Author: Deb Hockenberry 

SuperDan & Food Allergies

summer reading round upThe rhyming fun book covers the top 13 food allergies and possible symptoms that may arise as a result of exposure.

The story is dedicated the author’s first born, Daniel who has 10+ allergies. SuperDan faces multiple food allergies, learning how to navigate his kryptonite and keep safe in the allergy fight!

The MyKeepSafeTM kit also contains an emergency care plan and an allergy alert poster, a silicone wristband with 14 allergy charms to help parents identify their child’s allergies. This educational and preventative kit will easily save young lives and provides peace of mind to parents, and caregivers.

Author: Paris Jalali

My Most Important Person

summer reading round upMY MOST IMPORTANT PERSON is a beautiful book that highlights all the different roles a mother plays. From teacher to stay at home moms, balancing motherhood with all the other demands of life is a struggle. But at the end of the day…you are your child’s hero! This book describes how moms care for their children’s struggles in a special way by bringing the same passion, dedication, and joy to both parenting and their professional jobs. Moms have so many roles and, whether they’re at home every day or working, they always make time for their kiddos. A sweet ode to moms of all stripes!

                                                                               Author: Aida Rascanu

Let's Celebrate Ramadan & Eid

summer reading round up

One of the few children’s books on Ramadan and Eid written from a South Asian perspective. This book takes us to India as Maya, Neel, and their pet squirrel, Chintu, explore this beautiful festival with roots in gratitude and kindness.

This time, they get to experience all about Ramadan including the vibrant markets of Chand Raat (night of the moon), the famous Jama Masjid, the delicious food, the exciting Eidi gifts and even a trip to volunteer at the local shelter.

Author: Ajanta Chakraborty

Adventures of Prank the Cat

summer reading roundupPrank is an adorable cat, adopted from a shelter at an early age, now spends his days eating, sleeping, and having fun. His antics are documented here. Prank empowers children to get in touch with their true self. He is so much fun that kids enjoy every moment of this journey.

Author: KC Light

Tommy the G.O.A.T.

summer reading round upTommy the Goat is a story loosely based on Tom Brady’s ascent to the pros. Tommy grew up in a loving family and always knew he wanted to play football. As he grew up, his classmates doubted his abilities and questioned his size, but his continuous effort led to him being drafted into the NFL. After being cast into a starting role, Tommy proved that hard work pays off. He led his team to multiple Super Bowls and went from being an underdog to the greatest of all time.

Author: Hirdesh Matta

Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not be Stopped: A Food Allergy and Intolerance Story

summer reading round upMEET AIDAN THE WONDER KID!
Aidan is a superhero with very special powers indeed.
With his trusty dog Rocco at his side, there’s nothing he can’t do. But something is making Aidan sick. And when Aidan gets sick, he is very, very droopy. Will his grownups ever figure out what’s stealing his super powers? And how can he find his boundless energy once again?

Author: Colleen Brunetti

Smarty Buddy Math Analogies

summer reading round upWhat your child will learn from this book will help him, or her ace SAT! Ok, sure, you might say that the SAT test is a long time away. But did you know that your child will routinely be tested on the concept of analogies before he or she enters high school?
Most public school systems and private schools are relying on cognitive tests to assess your child’s abilities. Analogies are a central part of any standardized test or above-grade-level gifted and talented placement test.
It is never too early to familiarize your child with analogies. Beat the system! Get ready to build critical-thinking skills that will help your child succeed!
This book was designed to ask your child to draw and rationalize their answers. The written answers help develop fine motor skills, and verbalization develops communication skills. The analogy questions in this book are designed based on the grade-appropriate standards identified by the National Council of Teaching Mathematics and State Common Core Standards.
Look for more Smarty Buddy books for increasing difficulty levels. And check out our Smarty Buddy game on all App Stores to reward your child for worksheet learning. Our app offers over 670 additional questions in a fun game environment, offering positive reinforcement badges for solved levels and surprises along the way.

Author: Smart Buddy LLC

Puppy Pickup Day

summer reading round upA tiny puppy… big adventure! Follow the smallest doodle pup as he overcomes insecurity with help from his friends and learns the power of kindness, friendship, and love. The easy rhyming scheme promotes literacy. The beautiful illustrations from former Disney artist are sure to make this a family favorite!

Author: April M. Cox

Chicken lips

summer reading round up

Who’s ever heard of a cow named Chicken Lips?! Join this silly cow on his quest to discover the meaning behind his name and meet some farm friends along the way!

With a beautiful message to “be your own cow,” this book will leave you smiling and encouraged just to be yourself!

Author: Kristy Hamby



Summer Song (A Day in the Life of a Kid)

summer reading round upAwarded interdisciplinary and musically interactive book from a series of seasons in A Day in the Life of a Kid for boys, girls, cats and all of you!
“Every season has music
Every season shares joys
Every season sounds with colors
Can you hear it?”
Explore Summer sounds, outdoor activities, nature, and learn to read by hearing text from the book transforming into songs. Along with that, readers can learn about percussion instruments and hear their sounds, when listening to recordings on the Arts Kindred Magic YouTube channel or when using compatible Arts Kindred Magic app. If you have a compatible device, you may even see the characters from our book come to life in augmented reality animation! But that’s still not all – Summer Songs will additionally surprise you with a game (included at the end of the book), that will make your entire family travel, play, make sounds, hop, swim and make lots of silly moves.
So are you ready? Open your imagination and explore sounds, colors, and joys of Summer season with Summer Song!

Author: Anetta Kotowicz

Kutu, the Tiny Inca Princess/La Ñusta Diminuta

summer reading round upKutu is a princess the size of a cob of maize. No one lets her help or do anything important because they’re afraid she’ll get hurt. But when the city of Cusco is devastated by drought, Kutu begins a journey to find the gods and bring their water back. She wants to prove everyone that in spite of her size, she can be mighty.

Author: Mariana Llanos

Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff

summer reading round up

Cami Kangaroo loves stuff. Rocks, shells, feathers, toys…she collects them, sorts them and builds with them. There’s just one problem: her room is so messy that it’s nearly impossible for her to find things! Will Cami ever be able to figure out how to be more organized? 

Follow along with Cami in the funny and relatable second book of the Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too series as she tries to find a way to keep her treasures from taking over her room! 

Author: Stacy C. Bauer

Now I Know How!

summer reading round up

An entertaining adventure with a clear and powerful message about choices, consequences, success and the importance of taking action!
Haris feels jealousy and frustration when he falls short of his friend’s abilities. He yearns to be like Alex, but just doesn’t feel he measures up. 
Follow three diverse friends in this short-chapter tale, as they witness the contrasting consequences of their choices, then get motivated to act in order to transform their challenges into triumphs! 
Your 8-12 year old will enjoy this imaginatively stimulating novel that reveals the secrets of confidence, empowerment, esteem and inspiration, as it provides a strong lesson about the power of choice and the basic formula to overcoming all challenges. 
Author: Demetra Yuvanu 

How to Win Wimbeldon in Pajamas

summer reading round up

Can we help our kids develop mental strength…

To overcome obstacles and adversity?

The answer, YES we can! But how?

By introducing these simple strategies into their life!

“How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas,” the first book in the series Grow Grit is now being used by parents, coaches, in kids groups, and in many classrooms. Kids are not naturally born with the skill set needed to overcome difficult emotions such as stress, pressure, frustration, anger, and anxiety. The books in the Grow Grit series help teach kids the techniques used by business leaders and top athletes of the world to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Begin helping kids create the best possible self one can imagine. Your kids will not only want to face challenges but embrace them. This book will help kids enjoy practicing skills while feeling more calm, confident, focused, motivated, and carefree.

This book includes rituals, goal-setting, self-esteem practices, calming techniques, and positive self-talk tips. Together this help develops a child’s growth mindset, cultivate self-confidence, increase focus, grit, and perseverance.

Perfect for ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and up.

  Author: Mary Nhin

Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All)

summer reading roundupBeing small is the worst! No one ever picks me for their sports team, and my feet hurt from standing on my tip toes all the time. There can’t be anything good about being small…right?

Being Small is a picture book about a little girl who is scared to go to school because she’s the shortest kid in the class. She talks about all of the reasons that being short is a challenge, but her mother presents to her funny and unique advantages that only she has because of her height, instilling self-confidence in her.

This book is a must-read for any child who has ever fallen behind the curve on the growth chart.

Author: Lori Orlinsky

Portia’s Incredible Journey

summer reading round up

“Portia’s Incredible Journey” is a heartwarming story about an eleven-year-old girl named girl Portia, who must brave a challenging journey of personal crisis and self-discovery, learning to understand the sun always shines after the rain is gone. With her grandma’s sage advice, her perseverance, and the unconditional love of her parents, Portia blossoms into a mature young lady who learns to love and be loved.

The heroine created by Emma Price is a positive role model for boys and girls facing difficult circumstances and going through their own troubles.
Author: Emma Price

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