Who is Caroeas?

Caroeas was formed by Caroline & Boreas, a couple who not only wanted to establish a business but also wanted to share their fabulous creations with their customers. Caroeas started off by developing laundry baskets but has now grown to a company that produces home supplies and home accessories that provide decorative solutions for your home. 

DIY Toy Storage Organizer

The Caroeas toy storage basket was created by a Caroeas designer who is the mom of a one-year-old boy. Her goal was to create a storage solution that was fun but also helpful in organizing toys for moms. I really fell in love with the DIY toy storage basket for many reasons. As a mom, we all know how messy toys can be. Finding a solution for organizing toys that my daughter can personalize has been excellent. My daughter loves stuffed animals, and one of the things I am always telling her is to put her stuffed animals away; however, I could never really find something that she liked and that helped get all those stuffed friends organized and off her bed…. until now.

My daughter was able to personalize her toy storage basket for her little friends, and because the markers and the storage basket is washable, she can change up her artwork on the basket. This also comes in very useful if she ever feels like using the toy storage basket for organizing other items.

One of the other reasons I really enjoyed this DIY toy storage basket is because it is collapsible and can be easily put away to save space. How nice is that; creative, convenient, and helpful.

Portable Clothes Hamper with Long Handles Hanging Hamper

This slender hamper is perfect for my son. Now that my son is 13 years old, he is doing his own laundry. When he graduated from mom doing his laundry to doing it himself, I gave him a plastic laundry basket. However, he is a boy, and he hasn’t quite learned how to maintain his things and of course the plastic laundry basket broke. So I thought this hamper would be perfect for him. The hamper is long and slender with long handles that are useful for getting the hamper from my son’s room to the laundry room downstairs very quickly and efficiently.

I also really like that the material inside of the hamper is waterproof, which helps keep moisture away. This is perfect for those game nights when my son comes home sweaty or wet from playing baseball. The breathable mesh is easy to assemble or disassemble in case we want to take it with us when we travel as well. I just hate putting dirty laundry back into our luggage when we are on vacation. Lastly, the hamper is made of silver polyester, which makes it very durable to bear heavy laundry and the use of a thirteen-year-old boy!

Disclaimer: I kindly received these products for free from Caroeas in exchange for sharing them on my blog and social media. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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