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Who is Tactical Baby Gear?

When Beav Brodie, a South Carolina entrepreneur, became a father he combined his initiative to be a great dad and love for gun culture to create Tactical Baby Gear. Beav Brody created a line of diaper bags and diaper bag accessories for men who no longer wanted to undergo the humiliation of carrying a “frilly” pink diaper bag. He created military styled diaper bags fit for the baby battlefield.

Tactical Baby Gear is rugged and cool for both moms and dads and has quickly become a must-have baby accessory for parents. A majority of the gear has MOLLE webbing that allows dads to customize their dad bags completely.  Dads can swap out various tactical baby accessories making daddy duty fun and enjoyable for dads.

The Involved Daddy

The times of women being the only one who changes diapers and cares for babies is over. Nowadays, research indicates that more and more men are becoming involved in day to day parenting duties. A study done in 1982 showed that 43 percent of men had never changed a diaper. In today’s society, fathers are taking on a more active role in parenting, and according to research, even the number of stay-at-home and single fathers have increased substantially in recent years.

In 2019, with the help of millennial dads, society is finally accepting the changes that dads are equally and as capable as a mom to care for their kids. Culture is no longer hanging on to the old beliefs that dads are uninvolved or can’t handle caring for their children. Even restaurants and businesses are keeping up with the new norms. Nowadays, it is rare NOT to see a changing table in the men’s restroom. Clearly, society has noticed the importance of fathers being involved. I’m going to share some of Tactical Baby Gear’s products that will make it is easy for dads to tackle baby duty and give mom a break for once! 

Tactical Baby Gear Customer Favorites

The TBG Tactical Baby Carrier is perfect for any parent who loves tactical styled baby gear! The carrier has a military-like appearance with the sturdiness to go with it. Being a military wife and mom, being able to have baby gear that compliments our lifestyle is excellent. The baby carrier is not only manly enough for my husband to use it with my son but also meets the durability standards that we expect from our baby gear.

When I first got pregnant with my youngest son, I took my husband shopping for our baby shower registry list. When I was at the baby store, I noticed this cute baby wrap that I thought was perfect for our baby. My husband didn’t think so. It was then that he forewarned me that he would not be wearing any baby wraps and would not carry the baby in any girly baby carriers. So of course, to appease my husband in hopes of him taking on babywearing duties, I looked and looked for baby carriers that would fit the style my husband would be accepting of. But, of course, the plain old carriers I found that would fit a man’s style did not go with mines. Is this as good as it could get? But then we found the TBG Tactical Baby Carrier. It is perfect for any dad that is ready to take on the baby duty with style. My husband no longer complains about the girly baby carriers and guess who does all the baby wearing now?!

Having the ability to carry our baby has been beneficial for not only me but my son and my husband. Babywearing allows my husband and my son to have countless bonding moments, something that I feel more dads are trying to accomplish in today’s society. Another critical benefit of babywearing is that dad and baby will have the opportunity to communicate more. This communication will, in turn, encourage your baby’s language development. However, if your husband is anything like mine, then you’ll have to remind him to keep the swearing at a minimum. I prefer for my son’s first word not to be a swear word! Babywearing will also leave dads hands free to do other things. Trust me, Moms, this is a good thing! Next time your hubby needs to take the dog out for a walk, guess who can take the baby with them to give you some much-needed mom time!


  • Compact design
  • Meets the safety requirements for baby carriers under ASTM F2236-13 & CPSIA
  • Baby can face in or out depending on developmental stage
  • Removable washable liner
  • UTX Buckles
  • Designed for babies 8 lb to 33 lb
  • Hook and loop on front panel for patches

Having all the necessary baby essentials whenever you are with your baby makes having a baby a whole lot easier. Having a good diaper bag not only keeps your items organized but also allows you to be more prepared for baby duty. The TBG Deuce Tactical Diaper Bag + changing mat has plenty of pockets and ample space so that you can put all your baby stuff in it and keep it organized at the same time. The TBG Deuce Tactical Diaper Bag allows you to put everything you need from diapers to baby clothes while away from home. Tactical Baby Gear offers a variety of colors and compliments and equips every dad on baby duty.

One significant advantage of the TBG Deuce Tactical Diaper bag is that you won’t have to take off your diaper bag to take out baby wipes from inside. With a bit of practice, dads will be able to remove items with one hand while juggling the baby in the other. Now that is what you call impressive! Trust me, Moms, you’ll thank me later.


  • Versatile design – Tactical is practical
  • Features a large main compartment
  • Divided interior pockets for organization
  • Padded tablet compartment
  • Three front pockets for small accessories
  • Detachable shoulder strap with comfort padding
  • Includes matching Changing Mat

One of the newest and popular types of diaper bags on the market is a backpack diaper bag. Tactical Baby Gear offers the TBG DayPack  + Mat in a variety of colors including ranger green, coyote brown, black and black camo. The TBG DayPack allows dads to carry around all of the necessary baby gear while keeping their hands free to carry your baby or maybe do some grocery shopping! I know Moms, I think we’re finally getting somewhere with this dad on duty thing! 

From the outside of this tactical backpack, it looks like a regular backpack, but when you take a look inside, you’ll realize that this backpack is anything but ordinary. This backpack has pockets, pockets, and more pockets. Did I mention it has pockets? The pockets are easily accessible and keep you organized. One of the unique features of this backpack diaper bag is that it also opens up completely to give you easy access to everything you need. Hallelujah! The days of piling your baby gear inside your diaper bag are over ladies and gentlemen.


  • Spacious main compartment with heavy-duty webbing for MOLLE accessories
  • Includes built-in removable ‘drop zone’ changing mat
  • Body contoured shoulder straps & removable waist strap
  • Closed-cell foam padding for structure and comfort
  • Two exterior side bottle pockets
  • Three-tiered interior organizing pockets
  • Full-open zipper front
  • Easy grab handle for top or side carry
  • YKK Zippers

Tactical Baby Gear also offers a wide selection of MOLLE compatible pouches and accessories to fully customize your gear. Find Tactical Baby Gear Accessories HERE

One of the things that I love about Tactical Baby Gear is that they offer military and first responder discounts. Being a proud Navy wife, I am always very thankful when a company offers military and first responder discounts to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect our country.
It is also nice to purchase products from a company that provides much-needed savings to families who also live on tight budgets. Tactical Baby Gear shows that they care about our military and first responder families and understand the sacrifice that both current and past service members make when serving our country. Find out more about TBG’s military and first responder discount HERE

Disclaimer: I kindly received these products for free from Tactical Baby Gear in exchange for sharing them on my blog and social media. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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