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Who is Mollie Ollie?

Mollie Ollie is the creator of the Multi Purpose Caddy Organizer AKA the “Mimmo Caddy.” The Mimmo features 3 main compartments with a removable divider, 7 easy-access pockets, and a zippered pocket with organizing loops. This is the perfect caddy for toting around. It keeps you organized and prepared for any event in your busy Mom life. 

How was the Mimmo Caddy born?

Ivy – Co Owner of Mollie Ollie: The Mimmo Caddy you see today was born out of the struggles I faced as a mom of 2 lovely and energetic girls.

As a working mom, I am continually trying to find the most efficient way to juggle work, wifey and mommy duties, so that I can have time to sip a cup of coffee while it is still hot.

When I had my first child, things were still manageable, but after my second baby came along, the amount of multi-tasking hit me hard, and things got a little messy around the house. So much so that for a diaper change, I had to walk in and out 4-5 times from room to room to get a diaper, and maybe a toy or clean clothes for Ollie while coaxing her and holding her down so that she would lay still long enough to let me do my job. What used to be a 30-second task took 15 minutes with lots of screaming and crying.

A dear friend of mine gave me my first caddy to hold diaper changing essentials as well as toys or anything that can distract Ollie and keep her still.

As the two girls grew older, the essentials needed to be evolved to books for story time, medicine, thermometer, etc.
I soon realized the caddy I had was too flimsy and couldn’t withstand the multiple usages, and the lack of compartments means it couldn’t efficiently organize different items for different occasions. So I decided to design my own caddy that is versatile, classic (I find beauty in simplicity) and high quality. Digging around for a nail, clipper drove me to incorporate a zipper compartment in the now Mimmo Caddy.

mollie ollie

Features and Benefits of the MIMMO

  • zippered compartment with an elastic band that keeps your small items in place
  • made out of 5mm heavy duty quality felt material
  • Three main compartments with a removable divider
  • Seven easy-access pockets, and a zippered pocket with organizing loops
  • tested and proven to hold up to 50 lbs
  • polyester lining gives a smooth and resilient interior that is easy to clean
mollie ollie

Useful Ways You Can Use Your MIMMO

The Mimmo is not just a diaper caddy. This multi-purpose caddy organizer can be used in various ways that can benefit your whole family. 

  • nursery storage
  • road trip tote
  • stay over tote
  • knitting supplies
  • car/truck organizer
  • arts and crafts organizer
  • bills and mail organizer
  • cosmetics /skincare organizer
  • essential oils tote
  • toy storage organizer
  • tool organizer
  • car seat organizer
mollie ollie

My Experience with the MIMMO

Traveling with a seven-month-old is not easy at all!! When my family left for Wisconsin Dells this weekend, I was worried that things would get a little hectic but thanks to my Mollie Ollie premium baby caddy organizer I was able to stay organized and prepared! Because there’s nothing like a baby screaming at the top of his lungs when you can’t get his bottle ready fast enough!!

My caddy is spacious and convenient. There is a place for everything, and It has pockets galore! It is lightweight and versatile, and I was able to take it with me on our road trip easily.

Since using the MIMMO on my road trip to Wisconsin, I have also used it on another road trip to Tennessee. I knew I could not leave on a trip without my MIMMO; it has been a Godsend. It keeps everything I need organized.

When I am not traveling, my MIMMO stores all of the things I need to keep in my dining room that really shouldn’t be there, but are. I know you know what I am talking about Moms! I love that the MIMMO is sturdy, versatile, and trendy and I love that it keeps me organized! 

This caddy is a must-have! If you are looking for a caddy to keep you organized, check out the Mollie Ollie premium baby caddy organizer.

Disclaimer: I kindly received these products for free from Mollie Ollie in exchange for sharing them on my blog and social media. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


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