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Children’s Book Review: The Magic of Me: My Magical Words

Teach children to say and believe… I am Strong! I am Special! I am Beautiful! I am Kind! I am Healthy! And so much more! Using positive affirmations told in verse, children are taught to speak these empowering words that encourage them to be at their best self-love and confidence will blossom as children learn the power of their words!

As parents, it is always essential for us to encourage, love, and support our children. However, it is just as important that children learn to do this for themselves as well. As a parent, one of the most vital tools, you can give children to combat the negativity of people who try to tear you down, is to teach them how to create positive beliefs about themselves. 

Studies have found that affirmations work and can wire and rewire our thoughts. Using positive affirmations with children can change their thought patterns and help children develop a self – belief in themselves that will stay with them throughout their lives.

It is essential to teach children to speak their desires into existence. If you see it, you believe it, and if you feel it you will be it. The magic of the words you speak will help your children transform their lives. This is one of the reasons I love reading, “The Magic of Me: My Magical Words,” by Becky Cummings with my children.

This book is an asset to any family’s library. This book cleverly engages children to recite and engage in positive affirmations. It is filled with great lessons that are important to teach children. As you read this book with your children, it allows you to talk about how and why to implement positive affirmations in your lives. This book also does a great job in giving examples of each affirmation that allows for children to better understand how the affirmation relates to them.

This book is a fun way to boost your children’s self confidence and reminding them why they are so special and how they can make a difference in the world. 

Why and How to Use it With Your Kids

  • Great gift to give a child of any age.
  • Implement affirmations in your daily routine using My Magical Words.
  •  Use in a variety of settings including at home and in classrooms. 
  • Discuss affirmations and how your children feel about it. 
  • Create an action to go with each positive affirmation in the book.
  •  Build on the positive affirmations in the book and have children come up with their own positive affirmations.

Where Can I Find The Magic of Me: My Magical Words

You can find The Magic of Me: My Magical Words by Becky Cummings on Amazon.

Books in The Magic of Me Series

Find out about these books HERE.

About the Author, Becky Cummings

“Becky Cummings is an author, teacher and mom of three. She loves kids and speaking her truth. Becky is blessed to combine these passions by writing childrens’ books that spread messages of love, hope, faith, health, and happiness. When she isn’t writing you might find her salsa dancing, eating a veggie burrito at her favorite Mexican joint, or traveling to new places!”

Rapid Fire with Becky Cummings

Q. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Becky: When I was teaching in the classroom, and I felt frustrated because there was so much I wanted to teach my kids that was not in the curriculum. Also, I could sneak in the lessons of my choice, I realized many other kids would not be getting this information that was so desperately needed.

Q. What does your family think of your writing?

Becky: My husband has always been supportive, even when I left my two well-paying jobs. Now he helps me with web design and shipping. My kids think it’s wicked cool that their names are in my books. I can’t wait to see what they think when I show up at their classrooms and schools to read my book! My husband is supportive and now helps me with web design and shipping.

Q. What was the most surprising thing you learned about creating books?

Becky: You can have the best book in the world, but if you don’t know how to market it, no one will ever buy it. Being an author requires many hats. Not only do you need to be good at writing, but you must be good at marketing and public speaking.

Q. Tell us about your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Becky: I am traveling the country, sharing at schools, speaking about my many books from My Magic of Me picture book series to my fictional series for older elementary. My books are in homes and classrooms throughout America and other countries (after they have been translated into other languages). I am speaking in front of teachers, helping lead them to develop a curriculum that empowers our kids to be healthy and happy!

Q. What inspires you as a writer?

Becky: I have always been inspired to share the knowledge that kids won’t get in school. As an adult, I became obsessed with learning new things. One topic would always lead to another. We are living in this amazing time when there is so much information at the tip of our fingers, and if you have access to a computer, you can learn anything! There was so much “stuff” that I learned as an adult that shocked me. I’d wonder, why didn’t I know this sooner or why didn’t they teach this in school? It made me on a quest to bring this wisdom to our children on a large scale. Books are an effective way to do this!

Q. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Becky: I love to spend time with my kids, travel, dance, decorate, garden, teach, eat, exercise (in that order) and relax at the beach.

Q. What does your creative process look like?

Becky: Ideas come to me all the time and usually when I least expect them. I always have the notes page on my phone or paper to jot ideas. It could be a concept, a character, or maybe a title that comes to me. I have even written entire books on my phone because the idea came and was flowing!

Q. What do you love most about being an Author?

Becky: I love seeing my ideas come to life into an actual product. It feels like a birth each tie a new book comes together and is launched. You know that book was made with love an in that book is a piece of your heart you are sharing with the world.

Q. Can you tell us about one of the most rewarding moments you have had as an author?

Becky: My author career has been just over a year. My best moment to date was receiving my first book in the mail and holding it after a decade of dreaming about it. I feel my next best moment will be doing my first official author visit because I love teaching. I have been invited to fly back to the school I taught at in Connecticut!

Q. Are you working on anything at the present that you would like to share with your readers about?

Becky: My newest book called, My Magical Words, the first book in my series called The Magic of Me is launching on May 14. I partnered with an illustrator that has a similar vibe to me, and we co-created an amazing book that will become a family favorite! It teaches children about the power of their words to bring “sunshine or rain showers.” They will learn how to use I AM statements to create positive affirmations such as I am loved, I am smart, and I am strong. The illustrations as beautiful, and the rhyming verse is catchy. It can be purchased on Amazon.

Q. What real-life inspirations did you draw from for the worldbuilding within your book?

Becky: All the lessons I learned as an adult that empowered me and changed me. I translate those so children have access to the most powerful information in the world – how to be healthy and happy!

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Becky Cummings in exchange for an honest review. 

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