15 Holiday Books That will Put You in a Festive Mood

Mayday! Mayday! We’re less than five months away from Christmas! For those of you who can’t wait quite that long, we’ve rounded up a few great reads to celebrate Christmas right now, in July. In the mood for a winter story? A funny story? Something more Christmasy? There are 15 great books to choose from. We’ve got you covered with this festive mix. Scroll through and choose which holiday books should be added to your children’s bookshelf. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Christmas in July Giveaway Children’s Book Giveaway featuring all of the books included in this post! You can enter HERE.

are you a baby reindeerA lost puppy is on a quest to find his family. He meets new friends who mistake him for a baby reindeer because of his endearing characteristics.

Author: Jennifer Chatman





winter songBilly, the bear, takes you on a walk in the winter wonderland of New York City at Christmas and Hanukkah time, visit the Rockefeller Center and Brooklyn’s Dumbo Nutcracker, play in the snow, learn sharing and mindfulness.

The gentle rhythm of the rhymes transform into original and beautifully arranged songs that you’ll find on the Arts Kindred Magic YouTube channelSing, explore winter with all its sounds, get to smell baking and hot chocolate, tell stories, create crafts, play a game, and be inspired to draw by beautifully detailed, watercolored illustrations.

 Author: Anetta Kotowicz

Lucky and her friends have a fun winter adventure filled with snowshoeing, skating, skiing, and sledding. They soon realize that making new friends and giving back to the dogs at the rescue shelter is the most wonderful adventure they can share.

Author: Elizabeth Macy

bear goes to washington

Black Bear Goes to Washington is based on the real adventures of Black Bear, a sled dog who spent 11 years in a remote part of Alaska along the Yukon River. Learn about this endearing sled dog’s life in the Alaskan bush and her journey of discovery after she arrives in Washington. Through a unique style of illustration, readers are immersed in the world of Black Bear as she adjusts to her new world. The book inspires teamwork and cooperation and introduces young minds to the concept of adapting to change and new experiences. Through the voice of Black Bear, the story conveys the essence of sled dog life in Alaska and lightheartedly suggests that we could all learn a little something from some old sled dogs.

Black Bear Goes to Washington is the first in a series. At the end of this story, Black Bear is wearing her life vest, ready to embark on her next adventure.

The author first met Black Bear on an expedition in Alaska and later had the opportunity to adopt her. Black Bear is now retired and lives with the author and her family in the Washington, D.C., area. A portion of the proceeds of the book will be used to support the adoption and rehoming of retired Alaskan sled dogs.

Author: Denise Lawson

a nose for teddyTeddy had seen better days. His fur had gotten thin, and his nose gone. He still holds on to hope that this Christmas will be different than other Christmases in the past. This year he will be played with once again, and he had a special feeling about it. Christmas is a time for miracles; even toys know this.

Author: Tracy Kushwaha



angel on assignment

Angel on Assignment follows the angels from the manger to the cross– from the playground to bedtime and explores the ways guardian angels look out for boys and girls today. With beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse, award-winning Angel on Assignment encourages children to act as angels in disguise for friends who may need help. This book is sure to be an enchanting addition to a young child’s library including detailed instructions for making your own angel including reproducibles for a paper angel as a reminder that we are never alone–comforting for the little one who might find bedtime a bit scary. Plush doll is also available from the publisher.

                                                                               Author: Wanda Carter Roush

my teacher is an elfIt’s that time of year again and Ms. Holly’s class thinks she might be an elf! Are her students right or is just their imaginations?

Author: Joey and Melanie Acker





a christmas cookie exchangeFind out how one holiday cookie learns what’s inside matters most. 

Author: Sheri Wall






why we give gifts at christmas timeChristmas gifts … a Christmas tradition as old as Christmas. However, why do we give gifts to each other at Christmas time if it is Jesus’ birthday? This is a question that everyone has wondered at least once in their life. However, few have been able to come up with an answer. Join Evelyn and her friends as they discover the reason why we give gifts to each other at Christmas time if it is Jesus’ birthday.

While “Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time” is Christmas picture book geared towards children 3 to 8, it is a book that the whole family will enjoy. Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time also uses Biblical passages to explore the reasons for Christmas giving. By the end of the book, you and your little one will know that there is a gift in giving and will want to practice generous giving.

Author: Corine Hyman, Ph.D.

zetta the poinsettaWhat if you thought outside expectations of yourself? An inspirational tale for all ages and seasons, Zetta finds her worth beyond the time when she shines most.

Author: Alma Hammond





the little labradoodle

The Littlest Labradoodle Finds A New Home… And New Adventure! Join the tiniest pup in a heartwarming story you and your kids can enjoy together about being brave in new experiences, dealing with bullies, and learning to accept yourself.

It’s Puppy Pickup Day, and the littlest Labradoodle can’t wait to be adopted! While the puppies wait for new families to arrive, the Littlest Labradoodle finds himself left out and rejected. Won’t anyone play with him? If only a family would come and pick him…

Filled with adorable illustrations, Puppy Pickup Day teaches your child valuable lessons about perseverance and acceptance while it delights them with a one-of-a-kind story and memorable characters. Written for children ages 5-8, Puppy Pickup Day is a story kids will treasure as they grow and face new challenges, just like the Littlest Labradoodle. Toddlers also enjoy as a read-aloud or bedtime story.

Author: April M. Cox

Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends is the second book in the Unicorn Jazz series.  Bee-ing Happy can include many moments in life, such as catching snowflakes, making a wish on your birthday, making up silly words, baking sweets with mom, bringing your teacher flowers and more.  The book includes “10 Questions to Consider as you Explore a World of Wonder and Creativity Using Your Imagination,” and introduces “Bee Aaron” who represents Being Happy throughout every single beautifully illustrated hand drawn art by Davey Villalobos.   Bee Aaron is found and sometimes hidden in each page, making it an interactive fun way to read with your child and engage in conversations about what makes for happiness.

Author: Lisa Caprelli

the secret hatFinding the Truth in Santa Claus

Author: Peggy Losey






woodland christmas ballIt’s winter time, and all the Little Friends are getting ready to go to sleep. But first, they are going to have a big party. Flora Frog gets everyone to tidy the clearing. Bella Bee polishes, while the bugs gather food. Sammy Spider puts up cobwebs for the Glow-worms to hang from. They even ask Jenny Wren, Basil Blue Tit, Timmy Tortoise and Dora Dormouse to come to the party. There will be music from the Ants. There is going to be lots of fun. Every one loves Xmas. Do you?

Author: Ann Brady

sophies first snow

Sophie awakens to the sound of a jingle. What could it be? She’s heard stories of the man in the red suit and hat. Could this be him? She tiptoes down the stairs to find out. She is met with pure delight of something magical, mystical, and white. She doesn’t waste any time. Sophie and her mommy spend a day filled with wonder and excitement as they experience Sophie’s first snow.

Author: Mandy Leigh

What are your family’s favorite books to read during the holidays? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. These all look like great books! They are all new to us! One that we like, though I forget the exact name right now, is a take on The Night Before Christmas that is based on javelinas (!)…a souvenir of when my baby bro lived in south Texas.

  2. What adorable book choices! I will have to check these out especially “My Teacher is an Elf” and “Christmas Cookie Exchange”!

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