Children’s Book Review: Max’s YOGA Dream

In Max’s Yoga Dream, Max has his first experience with Yoga. Max never shies away from something new and exciting, so off with Mom to Yoga he goes. This book will help children to understand that is ok to try new things and that they do not have to be good at something to enjoy it. A positive attitude and an adventurous spirit (which all children are born with) can go a long way. Come along and see how Max handles this new endeavor.

One thing I learned as a parent is that every one of our children will face challenges throughout their lifetime. When my daughter started gymnastics, she had zero experience, but she dreamed of being a top gymnast one day. She struggled with balance, flexibility, and many times felt very defeated. During the past three years and she has grown as a gymnast and has continued to improve her form, learn new skills, and become better and better. 

However, this mindset and determination didn’t come easily. There were many times that she would feel bad because another girl had advanced to another level. She would feel sad when she couldn’t master a new skill. But, I used this opportunity to teach my daughter the power of perseverance. Whenever I heard her say, “I can’t,” we took a time out to discuss the importance of continuing to try and explained how to change her “I can’t” into “I can’t yet.” Adopting a growth mindset has since become a top priority in our home.

 A great way to help children develop a growth mindset is to introduce them to books which promote persistence, love of learning, and learning from mistakes. A children’s book that truly embodies the notions of effort, courage, and a growth mindset is Max’s YOGA Dream by Rich Ludka. This book is about a courageous boy who goes to Yoga class with his mom for the first time. But, Max can’t seem to master any of the yoga moves and gets very frustrated. That night, Max dreams that he is back and yoga class but this time he can see himself mastering all of the yoga moves he couldn’t do that day. The next day after Max wakes up from his dream, and his mom finds Max practicing his yoga poses while teaching his own class! 

Through Max’s dream, he was able to recognize the beauty of perseverance. I love that Max’s failure to learn something new did not stop him from trying again, and this time, even harder. This children’s book embodies the notions of perseverance, courage, and absolute determination to overcome all obstacles and challenges! Max’s YOGA Dream is a great book to add to your bookshelf that will help nurture confident and resilient children. 

Why and How to Use it With Your Kids

  • Great gift to give any child
  • Teach healthy lifestyle based on yoga principles
  • Use in a variety of settings including classrooms, yoga studios, and your home
  • Teach your children how to control stress and anxiety with yoga poses and mindfulness activities
  • Use it to encourage hard work, dedication, and how to follow your dreams
  • Yoga builds strength and flexibility
  • Teach children the power of perseverance
  • It encourages self-expression and builds self-confidence
  • Encourage a growth mindset with children
  • Great opportunity for parents to develop a deeper relationship  with their child when practiced together

Where Can I Find Max's Yoga Dream: If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! (Max's Dream Series)?

You can find Max’s Yoga Dream: If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! (Max’s Dream Series) on AMAZON or HERE

Books in Max's Dream Series

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About the Author, Richard Ludka

Version 2

“My name is Rich Ludka, and I am the founder of Positively Rich Publishing which is dedicated to books and child programs to promote child empowerment and self-love. I have been a High School Teacher and coach for the past 21 years and love helping young people reach for and achieve their goals. I have been married for 15 fun-filled years and have a six-year-old son named Max, who just started 1st grade this year and is the inspiration behind me becoming a children’s book author. We have a cute, funny, silly dog named Bindi; she is a Boxer. We live just outside of Scranton, PA, and love enjoying the outdoors. “

Rapid Fire with Richard Ludka

Q. What is the most surprising thing about creating books? 

Rich: The most surprising thing for me was that I could write a book! I have never been a writer in my life; I am a 20 year Phys. Ed. Teacher and coach, when I got the inspiration to write the first book I was amazed at how easily it flowed, it has opened a whole new door to the depth and excitement in my life too.

Q. What advice do you have for writers?

Rich: The best advice I can give is to write, don’t overthink it. I wrote my first book on an airplane coming home from a trip to California. I just had this urge and idea, so I opened up notes on my phone and typed it right there. Little did I know that in a year time I’d already had three books written and two published! Just do it, don’t worry about what it looks like at the start, there is plenty of time for revisions.

Q. What are your plans for the future? Where will you be in 5 years? 

Rich: My goal is to be able to stop working my day job and become a full-time Children’s book author. I feel like I can use this platform to help give young kids the tools to feel confident in themselves. Show them that they are all special in their ways and that they can be anything they choose to be.

Q. How did you become involved in the subject or theme of your book

Rich: While at my library with my five-year-old son, I realized there was hardly any activity related to positive empowerment books for his age group. While away on a family vacation, I thought to myself as I watched him trying new and exciting things daily…why, not me?! I have a little person right here who is looking growing and learning daily how to love himself and experimenting with new adventures and activities all the time. I’ll write a series of books called “Max’s Dream Series.” So here we are.

 Q. What type of books do you write?

Rich: I write child empowerment books, books that allow a child to believe in themselves and that it is ok to try and fail but have the courage to try again. Books that also focus on mindfulness and being true to yourself and finding what makes us feel good and how to get to that happy, smiling place.

Q. What is one of the most rewarding moments as an author?

Rich: Just a couple of days ago I had a mom send me an email that said her son was always nervous trying new things and was freaking out about going to his new school. She said she read both of my books to him, he then started reading them to himself, and on the night before the first day of school, he said to his mom. “Mom, I’ve been building my courage reading about Max, and I am now ready, I am excited to go to school tomorrow.” I am going to dream about how much fun it will be tonight. When he got home after his first day she said he was so happy and couldn’t wait to go back….. It’s all about the mindset.

Q. Are you working on anything at the present?

Rich: I just finished the 3rd book in the Max’s Dream Book series, It is called “Max’s Happiness Dream” It gives children and parents tools to help their youngsters to find happiness within when they are having a downtime — helping them understand that we cannot depend on others to “Make” us happy. It must come from within. 

From the book: When Max asked his mom, “I’m feeling sad today, can you make me happy”? Max’s mom replied, “Max, I love you, you know I do, but the only one who can make you happy is YOU.”

Q. What real-life inspirations did you draw from for the world-building in your book? 

Rich: I am so lucky that I have a young, inspirational little man living in my house, my son Max. He has all of the ups and downs of every child his age and the joy I get from helping him get through these moments of growth is priceless. I try to give him tools, which I then relay in my books, that he can use to overcome obstacles himself and skills that will last him a lifetime. 

Q. What message do you hope people will grasp?

Rich: The message in my books that I hope people will grasp is that our children have so much potential within them and if you allow them to experiment and find their voice and inner strength they can achieve great things; the most important of these things is joy, happiness, and inner peace. 

Q. When you hear from readers, what type of things do they say? 

Rich: I do hear from readers quite frequently, and when they do contact me, it’s usually about how much their kids like the books and how it has helped them overcome to some block that they are experiencing in their lives: building courage and self-esteem. 

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Rich Ludka in exchange for an honest review. 

33 comments on “Children’s Book Review: Max’s YOGA Dream

  1. I still remember my childhood very vividly. This article is dear to my heart because growing up I had big dreams and often times didn’t fall through. I wish there were activities that I stuck with but when I look upon them now, I’m glad things worked out the way they did in life.

  2. Oh my goodness I love the idea of introducing yoga to kids at a young age. I remember yoga being so obscure in my youth that people just made fun of it since they were clueless. I wish I would have began long ago, so this is awesome!

  3. Wow, this sounds like a nice and interesting book to give to my daughter as she loves doing yoga with me every weekend.

  4. I am all for anything that helps to foster a growth mindset in our kiddos! Now if only I could get my eldest to give yoga another try lol – she’s the one who needs it most, even though she hates it (unlike her younger sister and her mama)

  5. I love this! I’ve been working on introducing yoga to my son who is really high energy as a way to calm and center himself.

  6. Introducing yoga to kids at a young age is a nice idea. I just hope it does not become a wannabe things kids wanna do just so that they sound cool among st their friends.

  7. This is awesome book! It’s usually about how much their kids like the books and how it has helped them overcome to some block that they are experiencing in their lives, building courage and self-esteem.

  8. I think this is fantastic! They say that developing mindful practices is good for the soul, it’s great that we can do this early with books like this! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the book cover. It is very inviting for kids to read. I also love the story. It is very impressive.

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