Review: Bug Bug Spider by Audrey Sauble

From a skateboarding snail to the not-so busy ant, this book offers an original collection of fun, engaging critters. 

With coloring pages, science facts, craft ideas and more, there’s plenty to discover here – so grab some colored pencils and start exploring now.

Kids LOVE bugs. I remember as a kid; I used to play with the rolly pollies outside, make my makeshift ant farms out of coke bottles, and catch lightning bugs at night. Now, as a Mom, I love watching my kids doing the same things. I love to encourage my kids to learn about the creepy crawly things that they are so interested in, as well. My kids always ask me how cicadas make the noise they make when they are up in the trees; they want to know why grasshoppers only make noise in the summer and how lightning bugs get their glow.


To help my kiddos learn more about these creepy crawly bugs, I encourage my children to read books. However, when I find an educational, fun-filled coloring book that features some of our favorite creepy crawlies, Mom approves of those too! And if your kids don’t love bugs yet, maybe coloring books like Bug Bug Spider! By Audrey Sauble will get them interested. 


Coloring books such as Bug Bug Spider! teach children about this topic in a fun way. They are a fantastic tool for teaching children about the world they live in. Bug Bug Spider! combines coloring pages, science facts, craft ideas, and activities to help gauge the interest of children to learn about these creepy crawlies and to ensure they have fun doing it. 


It is also good to get hands-on with your little ones when encouraging children to learn about insects; what better way to encourage them than to use their five senses to observe insects in nature. Bug Bug Spider! encourages children to get hands-on by providing activities for them to do so. This book even includes a bug hunt for little ones to go on. Those are always fun! 


Bug Bug Spider! is a great coloring book to encourage learning without your children even knowing it. We all know how much children love to color, and it is so vital to your child’s development. Yes, it’s fun and keeps them entertained, but it is so much more. Bugs Bugs Spiders! will help your child throughout their personal and educational development. This coloring book is MOM APPROVED! 

Where Can I Find Bug Bug Spider by Audrey Sauble?

You can find Bug Bug Spider by Audrey Sauble HERE.

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About the Author, Audrey Sauble

“Audrey Sauble is a children’s author and illustrator who is obsessed with slugs, bugs, and trees—along with all other manners of green things and creepy-crawlies. 

While Audrey has been writing stories for two decades (well over half her life), she only began writing children’s books after her kids were born. That’s when she ran out of time to read fantasy novels and started reading hundreds and thousands of picture books instead. Eventually, her oldest asked her a question about eggs, and Audrey decided to answer it with her picture book.”

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Audrey Sauble in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. This sounds like a fun coloring book. Unfortunately, my kid and my nephew would cry at the sight of the cover. LOL They are deathly afraid of bugs

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