Children’s Book Review: Princess Pumpkin Patch

Why are pumpkins round? Did you know they used to be square? Princess Sassinia Pumpkin Patch is in charge of all the pumpkin harvests in the Butterfly Kingdom. But, she wonders if there is more to life than just harvesting pumpkins. She goes searching for an answer and finds a beautiful one. Read along with Sassi, the Pumpkin Princess, as she finds her truth while you discover why pumpkins are now round. 

In this day and age, many parents, including myself, find ourselves worrying about the bad that we encounter every day in our world. I feel like every time I look on social media or watch television; I see nothing but cruelty and selfishness. My worst fears are that my children who are growing up in this world will encounter too much negative in their lives and not enough kindness. That is why it is vital to teach our children about compassion. 

Anyone, no matter how young, can help make the world a better place through their kindness and thoughtful actions. And it is our job as parents to teach them. A great way to teach our children the value of kindness is through books. A book that does a great job capturing the power of kindness and the sense of purpose and pride that comes from helping others is Princess Pumpkin Patch by Andi Cann. 

Princess Pumpkin Patch by Andi Cann is about a Princess named Sassinia who lives in a Butterfly Castle surrounded by all the pumpkins in the world. Princess Sassinia is in charge of the harvest festival in her village every year, but she feels like she is missing something. She doesn’t know if she is making a difference or doing enough for her village. So she ventures off to the ends of the world to find the answers to her questions. Readers follow Princess Sassinia through this whimsical journey as she learns that it is not about what you do but who you are that makes a difference in the world. 

This book teaches children that you don’t have to perform large heroic acts to make the world a better place: even small acts of kindness can create lasting effects in the world that no one could expect. This book also teaches children that their empathy and compassion really can make a difference! We are all here for a purpose. We are more than enough. We just need to believe it.

Princess Pumpkin Patch by Andi Cann is enchanting and whimsical. This is the perfect book to add to your bookshelf. You’ll want to get lost in the pages of this book infinitely. 

Where Can I Find "Princess Pumpkin Patch?"

You can find Princess Pumpkin Patch by Andi Cann on Amazon.

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About the Author, Andi Cann

“Andi grew up in the Midwest area of the United States. Her early life was rich with books, reading, and library visits. Nancy Drew was one of her best friends! Mrs. Gladieux, the town librarian, encouraged her love of reading, allowing her to check out many more books than were allowed! Andi’s stories are about children learning to embrace their uniqueness, find friends, or stand up for themselves. She loves art and architecture.  You will find that her books either feature artists or the illustrations themselves are very artistic.

Andi’s memorable characters include Mr. Hoopeyloops, Rex, Alabama Oh, Jojo, Puddles, and MerryLyn, with many more on the horizon.

After a robust career in business, Andi has returned to her first love by creating books that make a difference for people. Andi, the mother of two grown children, lives in Arizona with her husband, chickens, a chocolate lab named Willow, and countless free range bunnies. She loves art, animals, traveling, and reading good books!”

Rapid Fire with Andi Cann

Q. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Andi: I have been writing since I was a child. I loved expressing myself and have always had an active imagination.

Q. What does your family think of your writing? 

Andi: They are so supportive. I am lucky! 

Q. What was the most surprising thing you learned about creating books? 

Andi: That I gravitate towards writing children’s books. My education, training, and experience are much more technical, but the children’s books touch a special part of me. They keep me in touch with my whimsical side.

Q. What do you think makes a good story? 

Andi: Creating characters that people love and doing things that people want to do.

Q. Describe what your ideal writing space looks like?

Andi: I write best when I’m alone. I am not a coffee shop writer, though I respect those who are.

Q. What do you love most about the writing process? 

Andi: The beginning phase, when I am thinking about characters.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Andi: I have a full-time job running a medical research foundation. I also love to buy and sell antiques, spend time with my adult kids and my husband.

Q. What type of books do you write? 

Andi: Children’s picture books.

Q. What do you love most about being an Author? 

Andi: Creating a book that children hold in their hands and, hopefully, touches their hearts.

Q. Are you working on anything at the present that you would like to share with your readers about? 

Andi: Hmmm. I am always thinking about new children’s books. I am also hoping to try an adult fiction genre, but I am still trying to manage my fear!

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Andi Cann in exchange for an honest review. 

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