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Attitude of Gratitude Powerful Children’s Book: Thank you, Me.

When you look in the mirror, Do you like what you see?

I hope that you do, And I hope that you know, 

That no matter what color, What size, or what shape, 

You were made perfectly..

Attitude of Gratitude Powerful Children's Book: Thank you, Me.

Being a mother of a child who has been body-shamed unfortunately one too many times, I always aim to teach my children an attitude of gratitude. I want to teach my children to continually express their appreciation for the things we are so lucky to have, including giving thanks to every part of our bodies.

Our children receive hundreds, possibly thousands of messages every day from friends, family members, advertisements, social media, and TV. Many of these messages that we are exposed to are about our bodies and can drastically change the way we see ourselves. 

This is why it is so essential for us to teach our kids to filter out negative messages and how to understand an attitude of gratitude and body gratitude fully.

Body gratitude concentrates our attention on all the things our bodies can do, the marvel of healthy functioning, and appreciating our unique qualities. It is crucial to start talking to your kids early and often enough, and by setting a positive example for our kids. 

When our kids hear their parents talk about their bodies, it should be in a spirit of attitude of gratitude. As a mom, I find myself picking apart the things I “don’t” have or the things I wish were different; however, it is vital to keep an attitude of gratitude, especially with your kids.

A great children’s book that helps parents teach an attitude of gratitude is “Thank You, Me” by Elena Reznikova. This book teaches children to thank your body for everything it allows you to do. Thank You, Me expresses thanks to our bodies, including to our nose, mouth, ears, hands, and feet and, most importantly, your heart.

An attitude of gratitude with our own bodies can be tough and challenging for some, and I know we don’t want our kids to feel that way about their bodies, and this book is perfect having that conversation with our kids.

This book also helps teach our children that it is a great thing to be unique and that there is no one else in the world like them – they are unmatched, beautiful, and extraordinary.

Where Can I Find Attitude of Gratitude Book, "Thank you, Me?"

You can find Thank You, Me By Elena Reznikova on AMAZON

About the Author, Elena Reznikova

“Elena Reznikova lives, writes, and paints in Houston, Texas. Her love for books stems from hours of listening to her mother read. Books are a magical way of connecting with family and friends, and she hopes that her books provide you with that moment of heartfelt connection.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Elena’s family moved to the United States when she was 4. She had to learn English very quickly, and since then, the themes of learning, literacy, and acceptance of cultural differences have been important in her life.”

Rapid Fire with Elena Reznikova

Q. What was the most surprising thing you learned about creating books?

Elena: It’s hard! It takes a lot more work to create a book than I first realized. Writing was only the first baby step. Then the production, printing, and marketing…wow, there’s so much that goes into the whole process!

Q. Describe what your ideal writing space looks like?

Elena: Somewhere that has a lot of cheese, chocolate, and lattes.

Q. How did you become involved in the subject or theme of your book?

Elena: I struggled with body image and low self-esteem in elementary school and middle school. I had never thought of thanking my body for everything it does…I was too busy criticizing it! And as you can probably guess, that was not healthy.

 It wasn’t healthy, physically, or emotionally. After learning about gratitude and mindfulness techniques as an adult, I started to wonder: If I could go back in time and talk to my child self, what book would I want her to read? 

I realized that I would have needed that introduction to gratitude and mindfulness. That’s what inspired me to write. Thank You, Me. There are so many wonderful books on these topics now, but they’re really weren’t many when I was growing up.

 I’m grateful that so many authors are choosing to write inspirational and mindfulness books. And I hope they continue—you never know who needs to hear your message.

Q. What inspires you as a writer?

Elena: Other writers inspire me. Watching the success of other authors inspires me to keep on writing and publishing!

Q. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Elena: When I’m not writing, I like to read. And when I’m not reading, I’m usually designing someone’s book. My life really revolves around books. 

Q. What does your creative process look like?

Elena: It usually happens past midnight when there’s nothing else to distract me, and I’m at wit’s end with procrastinating, and it’s just time to get over it and write!

Q. Can you tell us about one of the most rewarding moments you have had as an author?

Elena: I have made some incredible friendships, thanks to publishing this book. Looking back at synchronicity after synchronicity, I literally would not have met some of my closest friends if I had not published this book. I’m not a religious person, but I’m very spiritual. 

Self-publishing this book was like following bread crumbs in God’s plan. It’s amazing how coincidental meetings can change our lives. I can write pages and pages about this, but the short answer is: The most rewarding part of being an author was being able to create these new relationships. 

Q. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

Elena: I hope that readers (both children and adults) will start to value (and thank) their bodies and senses. We live in a very body-image obsessed society. We don’t often think past the clothes we wear or the body shape we’re in. And yet our bodies pretty much DO everything for us! 

They allow us to see, hear, feel…and really—to be here! I hope my book will serve as a little reminder to notice our bodies and to express a bit of gratitude for everything they do. 

Q. Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Elena: I often hear from women who say the book made them cry! In a good way (I hope!). It’s interesting that the book can bring up so many emotions. The kids don’t have this response, but the women reading the book to their children do. 

I heard from a woman in Brazil who wrote to me about her own childhood experience with body image. Her classmates made fun of her for the color of her skin. She was of European descent, and in Brazil, the children called her “ghost.” 

The experience was so painful for her that she refused to wear dresses or shorts. I don’t remember how she found my book, but hearing from her was an overwhelmingly rewarding experience. It’s amazing how sharing experiences and stories can connect people.

Q. What process takes place in creating your artwork?

Elena: I start by making rough sketches in a sketchbook. After getting a composition I like, I use a light table to trace those onto watercolor paper. Then I start to paint. Afterward, I scan the pages and do some more editing in Photoshop. 

Then I compile everything in Adobe InDesign. For my next book, I’d like to transition to digital art in Procreate, but there’s something about the experience of painting—the texture of paper and paint—that really can’t be replicated in the digital world. We’ll see!

Q. Did you draw as a child?

Elena: Yes! All the time. In Kindergarten, I made my first book about the sun and planets (I think we were learning about that, or actually I have no idea why I chose that subject). My teacher laminated and spiral-bound the pages, and you could say that I was hooked on books since then.

 In second grade, I started making books on sticky note pads. If you look through my high school and college notebooks, you’ll mostly find drawings and doodles. (That’s how I was paying my best attention!)

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Elena Reznikova in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. As a mom of now five boys… Three that I acquired by natural means (homegrown ) and two who were prayed for and chosen… All of them have had issues in one way or another with body image. Mind you, these all are boys… This is not just a girl problem. I had issues as a child big-time I don’t now then I am an adult and a mom and a grandma I try to see myself through God’s eyes and deflect the lies… I put up my shield and say “no “… and I can’t wait to read this book! I’m actually going to put this Amazon link on my non profit website for the book that I created under inspiration of God for the purpose of bringing empathy, action and healing to the foster/adoptive children. These children and all children need to read your book! I am a nonprofit that is unifying everyone who is trying to make a difference in this world. Especially for the children! EL4KIDS.Org

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