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Want More Mom Friends? There is a Free Mom App for that.

Want More Mom Friends? There is a Free Mom App For That.

Becoming a parent for the first time or the fourth time can unquestionably change your social scene. Yes, there is still a lot of moms that have their close friends, parents, siblings, and loved ones to turn to if they need some much-needed adult time. But motherhood can be isolating when you lose your friends before becoming a parent; especially if they are not parents yet.

Jenn Whyte was a single mom who relocated with her daughter, to help an ailing parent. When she moved, her friends and family no longer surrounded her- and she began to feel alone. Whyte wished she could meet other moms that shared the same interests, not just because they had kids at the same school or that were the same age. And that is when she created the MomieGo app. An app to help her make more mom friends.

Jennifer’s wish has become a reality – and now parents all over the world can use MomieGo to connect, as new parents, when on vacation, or even when they can’t seem to find the right parent friend in their neighborhood. If you want more mom friends? MomieGo is an excellent mom app to help you build your tribe- or just an excuse to get out of the house.

mom friends

What is MomieGo?

MomieGo is an easy-to-use app for moms to connect with other like-minded parents, who feel they deserve to have as much fun as their kids. It is the perfect app to look for some new mom friends.

Unlike other social apps for parents, MomieGo is just as interested in helping YOU find your tribe as it is helping your three-year-old find a playmate for the park.

Enter your child’s age and gender, and then comes the fun part — a few clicks lets MomieGo know all about you. Whether you are fun, fashionable, quiet, and quirky, MomieGo helps you find mom friends and your kids find friends you won’t grow out of.

mom friends

How does MomieGo work?

So how does the MomieGo app work in helping you find new mom friends? When you download the MomieGo app, it asks you to create a profile to help match you to other parents. It asks you to add the ages and genders of your children. It then asks you to add interests that describe you. You can add interests such as yoga, hiking, travel, volunteering and so forth. After you are asked to pick tags that best describe you, such as breastfeeding, fashionista, dog lover, tomboy, etc. And lastly, you can fill out a bio to share on the app. Filling out the bio section is an optional feature.

Once you have created your profile, you are asked to give MomieGo permission to know your location so that you can find matches of mom friends in your area. You are then brought to a screen where you can choose the option to see just mom friends or both mom and dad friends. You can also select the distance in which you would like to make new friends.

Once your profile is up and running, you receive search results of mom friends or dad friends that have similar interests and live in your area. The search results show how many children the parent has and where they are from. You can either skip or accept new friends. If the member also thinks you are a match, you will be able to chat with them and find out more about them.

Where Can I Download MomieGo?

You can download MomieGo HERE

How Good is the App in Finding New Mom Friends?

So how good is MomieGo in helping you find new mom friends? After completing my profile, I immediately began to receive lots of suggestions for mommies in my neighborhood. I chose a radius within 25 miles of my home, so that could be why I got lots of results. When I changed the radius within 5 miles of my home, I still got lots of suggestions, which was awesome. However, I do not have a lot of matches yet.

Is the App Paid or Free?

The MomieGo App to help you find new mom friends is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Any updates planned?

In the next few weeks, MomieGo plans to have the app updated, so you do NOT have to sign up through Facebook. In addition, MomieGo will be making the dad’s side of the app more approachable and adding more dad targeted interests and activities.

What are the Benefits of Using MomieGo to find new mom friends?

  • easy-to-use 
  • for moms AND dads looking to connect with other like–minded parents (not just because you have kids the same age)
  • Connect with parents from the SAFETY of your home before meeting up with them – VIRTUAL CONNECTING!
  • You enter your location so if you are traveling or move it is a great way to meet new friends
  • Best feature – Swiping – so for us moms/dads that missed Tinder/Bumble – its a fun way to pass the time and meet cool new friends

How smoothly does the MomieGo app run?

There are so many mobile apps everywhere these days, but not all of them work perfectly. I love that the MomieGo app is very user friendly. I also love that the content is easy to read because all of the texts and graphics are appropriately sized. I also like that all of the options are very neatly organized and easy to find, and the Momiego app is quick and easy to use. The Momiego app also loads very quickly and doesn’t suddenly shut down. It also is free of any pesky ads, which is fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Making new friends as a mom is tough. Getting out of your house with kids in tow is hard, and talking with a mom you randomly meet can have all the awkwardness of a terrible first date. But thanks to MomieGo, you don’t have to deal with all of the above anymore. MomieGo is definitely a great app to help you meet potential mom friends from the comfort of your home and it is definitely worth the download! 

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