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What Would You Do?: 46 Situations for Making Good Choices

We make decisions all day, don’t we? Do I pick up the dog’s poop when I take him for his walk? Should I tell Mom where I really went after school? When I see something wrong happening, what should I do?

Making a good choice, doing the right thing, or even knowing right from wrong can be hard! In What Would You Do? you can practice making hard decisions and have some fun while we explore some everyday dilemmas!

Making Good Choices is a lifelong learning process. And it is our job as parents to help our children through this process. As children go through life and on the path of social, moral, and spiritual development, we must help guide them along the way. In What Would You Do?: 46 Situations for Making Good Choices, author Jennifer Moore-Mallinos gives children 46 different situations where they can practice making difficult decisions and have fun while doing it. What would you do if “you saw a bill fall out of a person’s pocket?” What would you do if “you found a lost dog”? What would you do if “suddenly you had to pee in the pool?” 

These questions and more help open the dialogue of making good choices while exploring some everyday predicaments that children may experience. This children’s book will also help children learn from their everyday choices and experiences to give children the skills and viewpoints necessary to become kind, caring, and responsible adults.

In life, our children will come across easy decisions, while others will be harder. Using this excellent decision-making book by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos will further reinforce the importance of taking responsibility and understanding actions have consequences. This children’s book will help open up the dialogue between you and your child to learn how to follow the rules, take on new responsibilities, and be accountable for their actions even when they don’t make good choices.

Where Can I Find "What Would You Do?: 46 Situations for Making Good Choices?"

You can find What Would You Do?: 46 Situations for Making Good Choices by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos on Amazon.

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About the Author, Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Jennifer Moore-Mallinos was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, lived in Chicago for several years and currently resides in Cleveland, with her husband and three children. Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Ryerson Pol-technical University in 1994.  

For 10 years, Jennifer worked as a Child Welfare Social Worker, investigating child abuse allegations. She began her writing career in 2001 and still continues to write non-fiction children’s books that focus on family situations, life skills, development disorders and everyday situations. 

Working as a social worker, Jennifer was able to work with many children and families, and therefore saw a need for literature to be made available to families on topics that matter to them most. Her books are written in over 10 different languages and are available all around the world! Jennifer currently works as an early childhood mental health consultant and Guardian Ad Litem.”     

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Loyola Press in exchange for an honest review. 

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