Children’s Books that have Imaginary Friends: Magi-Pals

Feeling Silly, Scared, Upset? Don’t fret! Your imaginary pals can help you cope just yet! They will be there for you no matter what! They will be your listening ear. They can even run and slide with you through magical places in the clouds, or under the sea! You will soon find that your spirits have been lifted, and you can do everything, and be everything that you wish to be!

Join us in the discovery of Magi-Pals, where we learn the nature of these loyal companions and why YOU need them!

This book encourages children to harness their emotions and/or feelings through imagination, thereby using it as a skill that helps strengthens them. They also simultaneously having a great time with their imaginary friend dreaming of magical adventures. It’s a unique book with a poetic style, a visual adventure- type flow, rather than a conventional plot style, with drop-in hints to use imagination to control your emotions for the better! Due to its dreamy and visual nature, it will be a fabulous bedtime favorite!

Children's Books with Imaginary Friends: Magi Pals

What better way to nurture creativity than reading children’s books that have imaginary friends? These charming and wonderful picture books provide the power of imaginary characters and the role they can play in your children’s lives.

Does your child have imaginary friends? An imaginary friend is not only healthy for a child’s healthy imagination, but it also helps them use their time positively and creatively. 

Studies show that children with imaginary companions are more emotionally conscious, develop better vocabulary, use their invisible companions to self-soothe, think through various scenarios, and see both sides of a conversation or an idea. 

A great children’s book that nurtures children’s creativity and imagination is Magi-Pals by Aisha Khalfay. This delightful children’s book, written in rhyme, encourages children to use their imagination to discover their magical friends who can share in their adventures and help them cope with their feelings. 

Children’s books that have imaginary friends help children realize that your special companions can be anything you want it to be, an animal, toy, a magical creature, or anything a child can dream up. And most importantly that they can help you feel better and be there when you need them. 

The illustrations are enchanting, and with the beautiful, flowing words, children will be able to imagine their magi-pals. This children’s book is one of those delightful books that you want to have on your children’s shelves. 


Where Can I Find "Magi-Pals?"

You can find Magi-Pals by Aisha Khalfay on Amazon.

About the Author, Aisha Khalfay

children's books that have imaginary friends“Aisha Khalfay grew up in both the U.S. and Canada. She is an avid freelance writer who finds that her many travels have positively refined her life. She has tutored young children for many years and homeschooled her kids in their very early years in fun, engaging ways.

Her mission is to impact children’s mental development positively through her fun, uplifting writing style. In the future, she wishes to become a child psychologist and/or counselor, continue writing, and travel to a never-ending list of exotic places where she can chase waterfalls and enjoy sunsets!

Aisha happily breathes the mile-high air in the Denver, Colorado outdoors with her husband and lovely kids, a five-year-old daughter, and three-year-old son. She has an eye for transitional décor, enjoys doing art and DIY projects, reading engaging novels, and sipping a strong cup of tea.

For any orders, creative collaborations, opportunities, or anything else, please email her at”

Rapid Fire with Aisha Khalfay

Q. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Aisha: I first knew I loved writing, naturally when I picked up a pencil and simply enjoyed it, but it was formalized as something that I enjoyed and was talented in, in third grade. 

My parents had said I was great at it before then, but I don’t think I truly believed them until my third-grade teacher noticed me. I really excelled (from the rest of the class) in all my writing assignments, especially when it came to creative writing. 

My teacher said I was very detailed, thorough, and a person could step into the scene when I wrote. I was the only one in the class that she recommended children’s gifted writing workshops for, and my parents were ecstatic. They were so delighted that I excelled and/or was gifted in something that can be an inspiration to others.

Even during my free time, especially during summer breaks, I wrote short stories and escaped to fantasy places that were creations of my little mind. So it is something I enjoyed with a passion at a young age beyond simply playing with toys.

Interestingly, it was not just fiction that I was good at writing, but also non-fiction and details. For example, in sixth grade, I was given the opportunity to write my own autobiography. Students were required to write about five chapters. 

However, up to ten chapters were optional if you wanted extra credit. I was already receiving an A in the class. Still, I decided to write all ten chapters about myself- not necessarily for extra credit- because I became creative with it and had fun writing about my life and journey so far as a sixth grader!

Q. What does your family think of your writing?

Aisha: My family genuinely enjoys reading my written pieces. As long as my work is not too long, that is! For as long as I have remembered, they always have had great things to say and always encourage my writing pursuits further; from my parents to my siblings, and even outside relatives, feedback on content has always been very positive unless it is to critique about grammar mechanics or such.

Q. What do you think makes a good story?

Aisha: I feel a good story has a very good or many good messages (i.e., giving to others in need, standing up for right, overcoming physical or mental obstacles, overcoming health problems, etc.) that help people think more critically, in a different way, and may even help them become better by helping out their community and/or society in return. But most importantly, the best stories are the ones that change you.

Q. What advice do you have for writers?

Aisha: I would tell a writer interested in writing a book, specifically, that they should write about something that a) they are passionate about; b) that has a great and meaningful message that helps people not only think, but to actually change people for the better in action if possible, and c) something unique and different. 

But as non-writing advice, I would just tell anyone never to give up! One needs to keep going even if they don’t feel they will be as successful or even when results can sometimes be bleak. Sometimes persistence in life yields ample fruit later.

Q. Tell us about your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Aisha: Currently, I am a freelance writer and an English tutor. But I truly aim to work with children or youth a bit more intimately as a child or youth counselor. I really hope to achieve it in five years! 

I feel like change starts at an early age. If a good role model or someone who cares about them did not come into their life when they were young, it may be hard to change as an adult. But if you can enrich and influence their bright personalities at a young age positively, it’s easier for them to be more stable mentally and physically later on.

I also hope to visit many parts of the World, from the Mediterranean to Malaysia to South America and places in between! I find traveling to be super inspiring and soothing. This is just my first book about imagination, but I hope to write about interesting things from traveling someday.  

 I want my future writing to be for children (especially those in need), some of my professional work, and my travels!

Q. How did you become involved in the subject or theme of your book?

Aisha: I studied psychology as an undergraduate, and I really enjoyed it. I know it is a versatile degree, but I actually like people-watching and even children-watching as I was around kids from a young age when my mom was a private child care provider. 

I also tutored young kids in elementary school when I was in high school. I really loved how they were so much more grateful than adults, especially when they were doing better, and felt that boost of confidence. They have this unlimited, unconditional love that gives me hope and always leaves me super happy and in awe.

As far as my book’s theme, I have been consistently reading to my children both at nap and night bedtimes since they were born. And one of the things I found was that I was picking out many books about unlimited possibilities and magic as a kind of hope for them. So I think I subconsciously also gravitated towards that theme.

And lastly, I loved the entire idea and concept behind the Disney/Pixar movie, Inside Out. I felt that it was entertaining for both young and old alike, and it was a very smart Disney movie. The concept of having different “islands” for your various moods was genius! 

I also loved how the protagonist, the young teenager, Riley Anderson, had various moods taking over. The viewer could go inside her head and explore what was happening when a single mood took over. But my favorite part of all in the movie was when her imaginary friend, “Bing Bong,” who had gone into her subconscious after many years, had made a comeback, and ultimately, helped her save herself from the despair of moving to an unfamiliar area, and saved the day. 

He was a symbolic character, which showed her that we can still redeem ourselves and find the positive things in new beginnings. After journeying with him, she truly learned to redeem herself and understand everything around her better. She just needed to get in touch with that childhood magic, that imaginary friend, and the magic that we sometimes, so often lose even as adults.

Overall, I understood that we could relate so much to that movie! Our lives parallel with the message where the movie tells us not to forget our childhood past- to always believe in magic!

Q. What inspires you as a writer?

Aisha: Many things! Since I am currently writing for children, the most important thing that inspires me is children and how they act and think, and even make us laugh about silly things. 

As well as nature and being outdoors inspires me because it makes me realize there is a force greater than us that surrounds us and that we are all part of a cycle of life. As individuals, we are all created for our unique purpose, and we must work within the cycle and time we were prescribed in our short mortal time on earth to share all the good that we can; and all the talents we possess in the brightest way possible.

An individual that inspires me is my dad. When it came to writing, he would always retreat to his own World and be fully dedicated and immersed in what he was doing. He taught me the power of the pen and that it is something anyone can do (young, old, rich, or poor) to voice their thoughts and make a difference.

On a more societal level, I feel leader, speaker, and host Oprah Winfrey inspires me. Winfrey does her best to interview a diverse range of people with genuine interest and desire to understand their psyche and where they are coming from. 

She has helped thousands of people live their true purpose in life and be confident in becoming better and confident in being themselves. This is true even when they are young or old, and even when some of these people have come from extremely harsh or traumatic backgrounds. She really asks super deep questions to investigate how they changed or why they are the way they are, and what they overcame to become a better person.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Aisha: I like to read fiction and non-fiction, but especially mysterious thrillers; watch movies with a good plot that challenge the psych; try my hand at crafty and DIY projects; organizing and decorating on a great budget; classical music; staying active and fit- even when in nature and trails with my two kids and husband.

Q. Are you working on anything at the present that you would like to share with your readers about?

Aisha: I am currently working on something! And it’s actually serious but has amazing meaning and purpose beyond it. I actually watched a documentary a few years ago where there was a little baby rescued from pounds of rubble that you think would die immediately.

However, it was termed the “Miracle baby” because it survived almost seamlessly even with tons of weight of heavy concrete that fell upon it in a war zone. Beyond this baby, many other children have defied our perception of physical and mental resilience; and the only thing we are left with is awe and the belief that, in fact, must be a miracle and divine intervention. 

Thus, I think I want to name the book “All the Miracle Babies” and share a book based on true accounts of several children. The end message is that to believe in something greater beyond us, a force that is always guiding or protecting us, and that there are guardian angels that surround us in life. Many religions and even non-religious people believe this. So I feel it is something common that many people can understand, be inspired by, and be connected with. 

If anyone wants to collaborate with me (especially an author), I would encourage them to reach out to me, and I would be delighted to work with them on this project. 

In the future, I also want to make Magi-Pals a series, where one character from within the book helps a distressed or child with some sort of health or mental issue out. Right now, this is just a concept, but I do hope to iron out details and make it happen at some point. 

Q. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

Just like the movie, Inside Out which inspired me on the imaginary character idea, I feel preschool to elementary kids, similar to the older female character in the movie, can uplift and regulate their emotions. But they need something simpler. 

So in my book, I give them the simple tool of their creative mind and an imaginary friend; to ultimately help them feel better by the fact that they utilize their sense of wonder, magic, and creative imagery! As they escape with their imaginary friend, they get to be the best version of themselves!

About the Illustrator, Noor AlShalabi

Noor is a Jordan-based illustrator who has loved to draw ever since learning how to hold a pencil! After receiving a BA in visual arts and design, she has pursued her dream of bringing her imagination to life through illustrating for children’s books.

Aside from having nature as her source of inspiration, you can always find her with a cup of coffee, curled up with a good book, watching movies, playing with her cocktail pet bird, spending time with a friend, or going for a hike.

You can reach her via email at

Rapid Fire with Illustrator, Noor AlShalabi

Q. What process takes place in creating your artwork?

Noor: I usually start with creating the characters as it’s the most important thing that makes us fall in love with the book, then it would be the time to make the sketches and composition for each page or spread. After creating the sketches and choosing the color palette for the book, I start finalizing the illustrations and then add the final light and shadow touches to the illustrations.

Q. Can you describe the artistic process behind your illustration creations?

Noor: The process of creating the illustrations for me is all about finding the right inspiration; it can be a movie, an image, or even a children’s book. For this reason, my process usually starts with creating a mood board on Pinterest for each project I work on, and I get back to it at each stage, starting from the character’s design, the sketches, the final illustrations, or the book cover. This mood board will help to create a melody or a structure to follow in the whole book.

Q. Are there any illustrators that have inspired the way you approach your illustrative work?

Noor: I get inspired by many illustrators I follow on Instagram and Pinterest, such as Aveline Stokart, Pascal Campion, and many more.

Q. Which page was the most fun to illustrate?

Noor: Illustrating the whole book was so much fun, especially that each page is talking about a new dream and a new adventure; if I have to choose only one, I would choose the one with the prince and princess in the forest.

Q. How did you start your career as an illustrator?

Noor: It had always been my dream to be an illustrator and to bring my imagination to life, so after gaining my BA in visual arts, I started pursuing this dream and illustrated several books back then.

Q. Since creating artwork is your job, what kind of hobbies do you enjoy to relieve stress and inspire your artwork?

Noor: I find nature a very precious and magical inspiration, so going for a hike would always be my choice to relieve stress and get inspired.

Q. Are you working on something new and exciting for us to look forward to?

Noor: I’m currently working on several books; each reflects different ideas, cultures, and beliefs, which makes it hard to choose only one to talk about; I find this diversity in children’s books the most exciting thing about it.

Q. Did you draw as a child?

Noor: Yes! Since I learned how to hold a pencil.

Q. What were your favorite books growing up?

Noor: When I was little, I loved reading an Arabic book series called The Green Library (المكتبة الخضراء ).

Q. Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Instagram @nooralshalabi.

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Aisha Khalfay in exchange for an honest review. 

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