designed to shine! by joy resor

Designed to SHINE! By Joy Resor Children’s Book Review

Open any page of Designed to SHINE! for a rhyme with art for your heart.

Topics will lead you and your loved ones into fun, laughter and joy…and onto the dance floor!

You’ll receive ideas to pay attention in new ways, reminders about kindness and so much more in this alphabetical treasure.

This is a book, a guide and a gentle teacher all at once.

It’s a book for you, your child or your inner child…about loving who we are to shine in the world.

designed to shine! by joy resor

Poetry is powerful! Even very young kids can learn to love and appreciate the way that poetry can spark the imagination and start meaningful conversations at the same time. Designed to Shine! By Joy Resor is a beautiful little collection of poems that celebrate love, life, and joy. This book is perfect to use at bedtime or mealtime with your kiddos to encourage thoughtful exploration of mindfulness and self-expression. It’s easy to choose one poem per day as a way to connect as a family, read together, and have an intentional chat while snuggled up together. 

Designed to Shine follows a colorful dragon’s adventures as he explores themes like balance, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. The poems use simple words and rhyming structures to keep things light and playful while introducing big ideas and concepts. 

The dragon character makes new friends, uses his imagination, practices skills, and more. It’s written for those who are young and young at heart, and it can be a gentle teacher if you let it work its magic! 

Even topics that aren’t so pleasant are addressed – like the poem titled “Rascals.” Kids are encouraged to treat each other with kindness, not like the rascally big bad wolf! It’s so important that we don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, and this simply worded poem can help you get started on some critical conversations with the kids in your life.

Best of all, the poems are arranged in alphabetical order, strengthening early reading skills. Books with rhymes are ideal for language development in young children; rhyming teaches children to pay attention to the structure within words, anticipate the coming word, and match sounds with letters. Reading this book together can set kids up to be great readers while also helping them give language to the events in their lives.

Where Can I Find "Designed to SHINE! by Joy Resor?"

You can find Designed to SHINE! by Joy Resor on AMAZON.

About the Author, Joy Resor

designed to shine! by Joy Resor“Joy Resor shines in western North Carolina where she writes inspiring books, serves clients as their spiritual mentor and lives into ever-new creative projects. She has two grown sons who thrive far from home while Joy loves the rhythm of her days with Michael. Before sheltering in place, they ventured far and wide; these days, they treasure daily walks and each moment possible.”

designed to shine!

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Joy Resor in exchange for an honest review. 

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