The Libertalia series by melina lewis

The Libertalia series by Melina Lewis Book Review

The Libertalia series is a melting pot of pirate dreams, African legend and mystery that takes four very different young people on a journey of friendship and adventure. Set in South Africa, in a private school called Dayton College on the East coast of the country, the four friends travel to Zimbabwe in Book 1 (Lost Fortunes), and then to Madagascar in Book 2 (Quest for Land). 

In Book 3 (The end of an Era) the four friends are really put to the test as they are pushed to stand on their own feet. Ideal for older children and tweens, this series exposes children to African stories, as never experienced before!

The Libertalia series by melina lewis

Melina Lewis lights up the teen/tween reading stage with her bold trilogy! A native to South Africa, Lewis brings a fresh perspective to international readers with her Libertalia series. Her characters come face to face with epic traditions, as well as facing typical adolescent challenges, and Lewis brings readers along for the adventure. At a time when kids are typically highly focused on their own experiences, Lewis’ perspective of a continent on the other side of the world is invaluable!

In the first book, Lost Fortunes, four friends embark on a journey that will take them through ancient feuds and legends. Readers are introduced to new cultural concepts like the sangoma hut, the site of the characters’ enlightenment. The book weaves fantasy and reality in a way that will capture the imagination of young readers! 

In the second book, Quest for Land, the intrepid main character Karambo faces a new mystery, and is required to step into her unique calling and destiny. In the final book, The End of an Era, the group of friends must navigate their next life chapter and the way it will change and shift their relationships. Will they stay close after they’ve left school and moved on?

Fantasy books present a wonderful opportunity to teen and tween readers to experience excitement while feeling affirmed in their own experiences of finding identity and maneuvering through complex social situations. As the characters feel the tug of their dramatic callings, your tween can relate, although their calling is likely not quite so magical! 

This trilogy is a fantastic gift idea, and you can even make the gift more powerful by reading the series right along with your tween! You’ll enjoy the experience too, and learn about South African history and culture at the same time – a double bonus!

Where Can I Find "The Libertalia series?"

You can find The Libertalia series by Melina Lewis on Amazon.

About the Author, Melina Lewis

The Libertalia series“Melina Lewis is a writer, podcaster, and communication specialist. Her first book, “After you died…” is a fictional novel for adults set in the seaside town of Fish Hoek in Cape Town, South Africa, where she resides. Melina’s career began in health sciences but quickly leapfrogged to healthcare advertising, marketing, strategy, and copywriting. 

She has contributed towards Marketing Textbooks for South African colleges, writes a few blogs, and continues to consult to various businesses and agencies delivering marketing and communication solutions. Melina has written the series called Libertalia, a tween trilogy is completing her second adult novel, and is writing a murder mystery series too. Melina has two children, two cats, two dogs, and two ducks (luckily, just one husband), and she loves walking on the beach, hiking the mountain, practicing yoga, and swimming in the sea.”

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Melina Lewis in exchange for an honest review. 

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