the little gray digger

The Little Gray Digger: A children’s book about inclusion, self-confidence and friendship

The Little Gray Digger is an easy to read children’s book about self-love, inclusion, friendship and diversity that teaches your little ones that it is OK be different, and to embrace what makes them unique and special.

The story follows Scoop, a little gray digger in Builderville, as he struggles to love and accept himself in a town where everyone else is yellow and he is as gray as a stormy sky.

Scoop feels as if he does not belong until he meets a special friend who teaches him that there is power in being different and that true friends will always accept him for who he is.

The Little Gray Digger

 The dedication to The Little Gray Digger expresses the sentiment perfectly: “Always be yourself because you are amazing just the way you are!” This book is a love letter to every child who sometimes feels different, and who needs a little encouragement to be herself! There’s nothing more fun than trucks that move earth, and this book is a fresh take on identity and self love…with backhoes! 

The story begins in Builderville, where everyone works together to build things, and where all the vehicles are a bright, sunny yellow color. The characters have big, friendly eyes and expressive faces, and come with silly names like Carl the Crane, Billy Bob the Backhoe and Fiona the Forklift. They’re a great bunch, and soon welcome a new face in town – a little digger named Scoop. 

There’s just one thing different about Scoop – he’s gray. The book chronicles Scoop’s anxious feelings about being different, and his attempts to be like everyone else. He tries painting himself yellow, and even sewing a full coverage of yellow cloth, but realizes that these disguises just get in the way! His friend Bernie, and a wise little rhyming nightingale, encourages him that he just needs to realize that he’s special just the way he is! Ms. Nightingale, who’s a gray color herself, has just the words he needs, “Being you is a superpower, like sunlight to the growing flower. Love yourself each day and week, and be proud that you’re unique!”

Children love this story theme, and this retelling is so special. Kids instinctively recognize themselves and others when they learn about characters who feel like they don’t fit in, and this story is the perfect way to start conversations to hear more about how your kids think and feel, and process the differences between them and others. Your family will truly enjoy The Little Gray Digger!

The Little Gray Digger

Where Can I Find "The Little Gray Digger?"

You can find The Little Gray Digger by Sonica Ellis on Amazon.

About the Author, Sonica Ellis

“Sonica Ellis was born in Kingston, Jamaica but grew up in rural Manchester Parish, after which she immigrated to the United States, where she has lived since 2012.

Sonnie finds motivation and inspiration from memories of her childhood in rural Jamaica. Many of the colorful cast of characters in her village find their way into her stories.

When not writing you might find Sonnie reading (comics, fantasy, sci-fi, mythology and fiction in general; playing video games or spending time with her daughter, Jada-Lee and her family dog, GiGi.”

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Sonica Ellis in exchange for an honest review. 

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