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Small Businesses Giving Back Makes a Big Impact on Local Communities

What are Authorprenuers?

Self-publishing continues to thrive and grow at a rapid pace, and as this industry grows, we’re starting to learn more and more about this wonderful industry and how it works.

Did you know that by publishing your own book, you are starting a small business as an author? I have made many discoveries having the ability to work closely with these authorpreneurs—one of them being that these small businesses giving back to their community is important to them.

Some of the other discoveries I have made that are not as surprising was these authors’ need for book marketing and promotional help. I have discovered some beautiful surprises, as well.

One of the most delightful surprises for me has been learning about the wonderful people who make up this fascinating industry. I have met and worked with some of the most interesting, ambitious, and intelligent people from this industry. And as I stated above, giving back is important to authorprenuers. The one shared trait that stands out to me amongst this industry; in a word, the self-publishing community is generous. The need to give back is mighty amongst writers, publishers, and everyone else in this industry.

This sense of charity comes in all different forms. Some self-published authors in this community generously give in the monetary sense. Self-published authors also help promote literacy around the world. Other self-published authors give something that might be more valuable than money. Superstar indie authors such as April Cox and Stacy C. Bauer’s willingly share their self-publishing success secrets.

How small businesses decided to come together to give back

Amidst this crazy year, A Sailors Wife alongside Jonathan Masiulionis, President of Empowered Publicity, and with the help of hundreds of self-published authors, have raised thousands of dollars for a local charity in Chicago, the USO, and for Book First Chicago, all through reading children’s books. 

I originally started my blog, A Sailor’s Wife, as a resource and support system for military wives and mothers navigating deployment. Little did I know that my blog would gain national recognition and raise money for various causes.

 In 2020, every parent and child had their world turned upside down due to COVID and the newness of virtual learning. Being among the mothers who had to navigate this new change with my children, I saw this as an opportunity to lend a helping hand to her community and children everywhere.

Along with Jonathan Masiulionis, my daughter and I began to raise money for the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago by performing book reviews for children’s authors and reading aloud to children on our social media platforms. In a very short time, with the help of self-published authors, we raised over $3,250 for the hospital and launched a second fundraising campaign for the USO to help military service members and their families. 

Through their purpose-driven mission to enrich lives through reading and raise funds for those who need it, A Sailors Wife and Empowered Publicity has created a lasting impact on their community. In addition to the fundraising, A Sailor’s Wife has also collected over 210 children’s books for “Book First Chicago” to create libraries for low-income schools in Chicago. Due to their contribution, 386 children at Daniel S. Wentworth will have access to books next year. 

small businesses giving back

Why it is important to give back

Volunteering our time and efforts to support a cause that we are passionate about is something we will never regret or forget. It has enriched our lives, familiarized us with our community, and has connected us to people and ideas that will positively impact us and others for the rest of our lives. Supporting your community is an opportunity for you to grow as a person and better understand and appreciate how you fit into the world around you.

Check out our highlights from 2020

Authors that participated in our giving back initiative

Andi Cann
Donna Sager Cowan
Eleni Charlambous
Hal Price
Hannah Qizilbash
Jenna Hinkel
Jessica D Adams
Jessica D.Adams
Karen Kilpatrick &Luis O. Ramos
Khadizhat Witt
Kim Ann
Marianne Lecron
Melanie Hawkins
Moana Mcadams
Sarah Beliza Tucker
Sheri Wall
Aaron Adams
Ajanta & Vivek
Alison Paul Klakowicz
Alma Hammond
Andi Cann
Andrew Dorazio
Angela Castillo
Anne Fifield
Anthony L. Manna
April M.Cox
Audrey Sauble
Aytan Khalaf
Balchander Vijayakumar
Brandon Baxter
Carol Gravante
Carolyn Joy
Chery Davies
Christina Craciun
Cindi Handley Goodeaux
Cindy Ninni Grant
Cp Arthur
D.E. Night
Dan Madson
Dawn Michele McCarty
Diana Aleksandrova
Diane Kane
Diane M. Scabilloni
Donald Jacobsen
Dr. Melissa Munro
Ed Ouano
Elena Reznikova
Emma L. Price
Erika Abonyi
Fiona McEntee
Georgeanne Irvine
Hayley Rose
Heather Lean
J.K. Coy
Jake Evanoff
Jana Buchmann
Janani Balachander
Jennifer Aicher
Jennifer Gladen
Jennifer Mcadoo
Jennifer Moore Mallinos
Jessica D. Adams
Jessica Dawn
Joy Garcia
Joy Resor
Julia Inserro
Karen Kilpatrick And Luis O.Ramos
Karen Pessoa
Kathleen Foley
Keith Bosco
Kelly Vurinaris
Kelly Campbell
Khadizhat Witt
Kim Ann
Kristie Carpenter
Laura E. Pasternak
Lauren Grabois Fischer
Laurie Wright
Lindsey Coker Luckey
Lindsey Munson
Lion, I Am
Lisa Caprelli
Lois Wickstrom
Maggie Grinnell
Marianne Lecron
Marie Al
Mary Nhin
Mathew Buist
Mel Lewis
Melanie Hawkins
Merideth Tullous
Miguel Chen
Mousam Banerjee
Mr.Edwin Santos
Naibe Reynoso
Natalie Mcdonald Perkins
Oscar Redden Iv
Papa Paws
Pilar Marie
Rebecca Ventre
Ron Crouch
Ronald S.Dachman, PhD
S.K Grunin
Samantha Callen
Samantha Shannon
Samarrah Aaafine Clayman
Sarah Beliza Tucker
Sarina Siebenaler
Serena Lane Ferrari
Sheila Alvarez And Ernesto Alvarez
Sheri Wall
Sonica Ellis
Stacy C. Baver
Stenetta Anthony
Stephanie Maksymiw
Susan Arts
Suzan Johnson
Suzanne Belliveau
Tamsin Wood
Terri Sabol
Toby A.Williams
Travis M.Blair
Trinity Bursey
Valdene Mark
Valerie Doherty
Yobe Qiu

How you can help in 2021 and beyond!

This community initiative is one that we’d like to continue in the future.
If you would like to participate in giving back, we encourage you to contact us via email at

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