My NightWare App Review for PTSD Nightmares

Interested in learning more about NightWare, a new, low-risk treatment option for people suffering from sleep disturbance and PTSD? Read my NightWare review to learn more.

PTSD Nightmares have been an all too common experience for soldiers for many, many years. And even though 2020 may have been an overall downer of a year, the FDA approved an Apple Watch app that helps those who have nightmares caused and activated by post-traumatic stress disorder. This can be a game-changer for thousands of people, seeking to find calmness after the storm.

You’ll find great information about what this means and also a NightWare Review quote from Army Veteran Robert M. Guithues on how this has helped him be able to sleep and find peace and changed his life for the better.

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What Is NightWare?

NightWare was created to assist those who deal with post-traumatic stress disorder while they’re sleeping. Complex PTSD nightmares can be hard to track and follow, but the proprietary application used by NightWare in conjunction with an Apple Watch was created to alter the stressful sleeping process.

The way that the application works is that it tracks the person’s heart rate and monitors for symptoms showing elevated levels of stress while sleeping. Once that pattern starts to emerge, the watch will use a series of vibrations or other actions to arouse the person sleeping to get them out of that sleep state and frame of mind.

This was created to adapt to individuals and tailor to a plan that works best for them.

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About the Company

Founded in 2015, NightWare was created to assist people dealing with PTSD in finding ways to get a better night’s rest. Nightware is also a FDA compliant company.

First FDA Approved Device for PTSD Related Sleep Issues

This is a big deal! This is the FIRST company that is trying anything like that this is actually approved by the FDA. The fact that this treatment is approved and recognized by the FDA could be a huge game-changer in PTSD nightmare treatment.

In fact, NightWare actually received the Breakthrough Therapy Designation in 2019 by the FDA because of the clinical evidence showing that this demonstrated substantial improvement in this issue.

nightware review

Tyler Skluzacek, right, created a smartwatch app to stop his father Patrick’s nightmares. (CNN)

How Does NightWare Work?

This is the really cool part. It might be set up to work a certain way but it does work differently for each person, too and the wonderful thing about NightWare is that the NightWare prescription kit includes the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch which exclusively run the NightWare application. So there is no need to use your own phone or purchase one specifically for NightWare. Once the prescription-only Apple Watch app is programmed and ready, it will track the person’s sleep patterns and behaviors that are wearing it for about 10 days to get a clear picture of their sleeping process.

It’s a fairly straight-forward process in how it gets alerted that the person is, in the beginning, dreaming phases of PTSD nightmares. The watch will be watching heart rate and also a stress threshold monitor to understand if they’re having traumatic nightmares or on the brink of one.

The biggest benefit of NightWare is that it can arouse the person out of that sleep pattern to help them calm down quickly. And not only can it help them sleep better but the process to “wake” them isn’t actually waking them up at all. It’s just a bit of a sleep disruption that should alter their thoughts enough to have them get back to having a good night’s sleep.

“Three to four hours sleep before and now it's seven, eight, sometimes nine hours uninterrupted sleep,” said Guithues. “This is an investment that could save your life, could save your marriage and you know just do so much so much good for you.”

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Major benefits of NightWare

Reduces Traumatic Nightmares

When NightWare detects a nightmare, it will help to change the course of the sleeping pattern to get them out of that thought process.

Improves Sleep Quality

Once the nightmare is averted, they’ll be able to rest easier and quickly.

Helps with the dreaded PTSD Insomnia

Those who deal with PTSD might also have trouble getting to sleep because they’re worried about their dreams. NightWare might be able to help them find a calmness to sleep and trust that nightmares won’t be an issue. They’ll truly be able to have a better quality of sleep.

Who Can Benefit Most from Using the NightWare?

The best thing about NightWare benefits is that anyone with a nightmare disorder or anything suffering from PTSD can find relief. It’s also great for anyone dealing with a reduction of sleep from these issues, too.

Now that we know how to help someone with PTSD sleep, it’s time for them to start using the product to truly get the benefit.

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How Do I Get NightWare?

NightWare is available by prescription only and is available on a limited basis now through physician recommendation. Nightware’s first focus is on The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) health care system and the Department of Defense Military Health System (MHS) in order to reach military individuals with the most urgent need.

If you suffer from nightmares related to PTSD then reach out to your VHA or MHS care provider for more information.  Then click HERE to see if you qualify for a nightmare study. 

Why are clinical trials needed?

NightWare is a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) compliant medical device approved to help people with traumatic nightmares get a more restful night’s sleep. Ongoing clinical trials are essential to collect information on continuous improvements and developments and to help payors, like the Department of Veterans Affairs, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and private insurance companies, working toward reimbursement.

Advocate for access to NightWare

Veterans and Service Members: Your experience matters. Click Here to advocate for access to NightWare.

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  1. Totally enjoyed the professionalism of Kristal.
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    1. awe thank you so much Robert! I really appreciate your kind words. That means so much to me. It was such a pleasure to get to know you. Thank you for shedding some light on a very important topic!

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