What Do You Do? When The Life Of A Loved One Has Come To An End

What Do You Do?: When The Life Of A Loved One Has Come To An End Book Review

This is a book review of What Do You Do?: When the Life of a Loved One has Come to an End. 

How do you explain the loss of a loved one to a child?

When his little brother passes away, young Crane goes on a journey in search of ways to cope with his loss.

The answers he finds are sure to comfort anyone who believes that our loved ones live on. We know that we are never truly alone, memories of loved ones are treasures we own.

Parts of life are so difficult, we wish that we could protect our kids from ever experiencing them. Losing a loved one is an incredibly painful journey, but it’s one that many of us, including our kids, will need to endure. 

How can we help our littles better understand and process what they’re going through? What Do You Do?: When the Life of a Loved One Has Come to an End by Everly Cade is a gentle, beautiful story intended to help children and families through the grieving process.

The story begins with little Crane and his family at the moment of loss – Crane’s little brother is gone much too soon. In rhyming stanzas, Crane describes his feelings, saying he feels angry, sad and alone. 

As he and his parents talk about what has happened, they all share their individual reactions to the tragedy they’ve endured. 

As the Crane family draws nearer to each other, they express how important it is to keep communicating their thoughts and feelings. No one should ever feel alone through the process of grief. 

The author, Everly Cade, focuses her beautiful children’s books on life, love and loss. Though it might seem easier to write only fun, upbeat stories, Everly is passionate about children working through hard things. 

Using animals to portray a grieving family helps kids connect with the characters without feeling too overwhelmed by their sadness. Little Crane’s parents aren’t perfect, but they reassure him that he is safe and loved no matter what the family goes through together.

This is a wonderful read for a family going through a loss, but it’s also a great idea to expose your kids to this narrative even in good times. Being a supportive friend can often mean walking with someone else through a grief journey, and having a vocabulary and framework can be incredibly helpful!

Where Can I Find "What Do You Do?"

You can find What Do You Do?: When the Life of a Loved One Has Come to an End by Everly Cade on Amazon.

About the Author, Everly Cade

What Do You Do?: When the Life of a Loved One Has Come to an End“Before she started writing and publishing children’s books, Everly Cade earned her graduate degree in Special Education. Building on this professional foundation, she has spent the past fifteen years working with amazing children.

Everly feels grateful to reside along the beautiful shores of the ‘Lake of Shining Waters.’ She credits her writing to having a ‘blue mind’―a benefit of being close to the water. Of course, Everly adores ‘everything sun, sand, and sea’. But she especially loves her husband, her four children, and their newest ‘baby’―a mini Goldendoodle named Winston. Her super-fabulous children remain her biggest accomplishment and her most prized accolade.

Everly writes poignant stories about life, love, and loss. What Do You Do? is her sequel to the acclaimed children’s picture book, The World is Mine.”

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Everly Cade in exchange for an honest review. 

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