Pawtriot Dogs: Save the Sanctuary

Pawtriot Dogs: Save the Sanctuary Book Review

This is a book review of Pawtriot Dogs: Save the Sanctuary by Samuel P. Fortsch.

Join former U.S. Army rescue dog Sgt. “Rico” Ricochet and his fellow Pawtriots as they embark on heroic missions in this all-American illustrated chapter book series!

Former Army rescue dog Sgt. Rico, a bomb-sniffing Malinois, is on his first mission in Washington, D.C., to save The Sanctuary animal shelter from the evil Mr. Mocoso…But does Rico have what it takes to lead the Pawtriots to victory and save his fellow canines?

For young readers wanting action-packed adventure with a patriotic message, the Pawtriots are the perfect team!

I’m so excited to share this title, because it includes two of my family’s favorite things: dogs, and serving in our country’s armed forces. What a combination! Pawtriot Dogs: Save the Sanctuary by Samuel P. Fortsch, is the first in a four part series. In this first installment, we get to meet the incredible canine main characters and discover how they began their adventures. 

The hero of the story is Army Sgt. Ricochet, a Belgian Malinois, but he is known as “Rico” for most of the book. Rico is brave, and lives by the Soldier’s Creed to stay focused and determined until the mission is completed. Throughout the book, Fortsch includes military terms and explains them to kids. He even includes a glossary of army vocabulary in the back of the book.

Rico is used to challenging assignments until he’s unexpectedly injured and loses his leg. After receiving a prosthetic, he is sent to retirement in an animal sanctuary. His adventures are far from over, however; Rico and his new friends must work together to save the sanctuary from the evil Mr. Mocoso.

The books are a great find for readers ages 7-9, since they’re full of exciting content written at an accessible level. At this age, kids are generally starting to dive into more challenging chapter books, and a story that grabs their attention is a huge win. I love the wonderful values woven into the book, including bravery, cooperation, and self sacrifice. 

If you are a military family, or know one, this book (and the rest in the series) makes an outstanding gift! If you’re not closely connected to anyone serving in the armed forces, this is a great read to understand the passion and heart that our soldiers have as they serve their country. Don’t forget to try the other titles, too: Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Into the Storm, and On the Freedom Trail.

Where Can I Find "Pawtriot Dogs: Save the Sanctuary"?

You can find Pawtriot Dogs: Save the Sanctuary by Samuel P. Fortsch on Amazon.

About the Author, Samuel P. Fortsch

Pawtriot Dogs Save the SanctuarySamuel P. Fortsch is a former captain in the US Army and a lifelong writer who first began creating other worlds and characters in the fifth grade. He lives in Western Massachusetts with his lovely wife, three wonderful kids, and his two pooches. 

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All in all, my family and I have really enjoyed this book and we know you will too! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this review. I look forward to hearing from you! 

* This book was kindly sent to me by Author, Samuel P. Fortsch in exchange for an honest review. 

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