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BUBBA Southwest Burger Recipe – A Sailors Wife

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Summer means afternoons outside! When the weather warms up, I’m always looking for dinner ideas that are super fast and delicious, so we don’t have to leave the pool early to prep a meal. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting all year for the sun to shine, then hiding indoors all summer afternoon cooking! This summer, we’re going back to burgers as a staple, and adding them into our regular dinner rotation.

There’s something magical about a big juicy burger, especially in the summertime, followed by a fruity popsicle that melts as fast as we can eat it. Anything that can help my kids feel loved and create that memory for them is a win for me. Sometimes, it sounds easier to run out and grab burgers from a fast food restaurant, but all that has changed since we’ve discovered the ease of BUBBA burgers! They’re ready for cooking right out of the package, there’s no need to even allow them to thaw. Making burgers at home with BUBBA burgers means we can leave out all the preservatives and additives, and prepare them any way we like!

What we love about BUBBA burgers:

  • Simple (one ingredient and absolutely nothing added!)

  • Fast (BUBBA burgers cook in about 10 minutes from frozen)

  • Customizable - especially in a family where everyone has different preferences, I love dinner options where everyone can pick their toppings.

  • Flexible (we can grill or cook in a skillet if it’s raining)

In the past, a few things held me back from making burgers more often. It’s a pain to mix up the meat and form the patties - and it’s hard to get uniformity! When the patties are different sizes, some cook quickly while others stay too rare. BUBBA burgers take all the prep work out of the equation; I can just open the box and cook.

We enjoy getting protein from meat in our family, but that’s not the only way to enjoy a burger this summer. If you’re a vegetarian, BUBBA burger has got you covered! Now, you can get FOUR variations of plant-based BUBBA burgers with the same standard of quality ingredients and convenience. You can also choose turkey burgers or their snack bites.

Grilling our burgers outside is so nostalgic, too. It’s even better when we can eat them outside, and it makes clean-up a lot quicker. We can add all kinds of sides cooked and ready-made, too; sometimes we like to grill up some corn on the cob, and watermelon always goes fast in our house! We can get home from the beach, the pool, or camp and have dinner ready in no time, and there’s no need to hit the drive-through.

To get you started and excited about your own burger Summer, I’d love to share with you my Southwest burger! This recipe is my favorite way to eat BUBBA burgers. There’s a sweet tang from the BBQ sauce, crunch from the red onion, freshness from the veggies - it’s a perfect combo! I hope you love it.

BUBBA Southwest Burger

Makes – 2


  • 2 frozen Original BUBBA burgers®

  • 2 Burger Buns, toasted

  • 2 slices of American Cheese

  • 2 tablespoons of BBQ Sauce

  • 2 Lettuce leaves

  • 2 slices of Red Onion

  • 2 slices of Tomatoes

  • 4-6 slices of Avocado

  • 4-6 slices of Crispy Onion Rings

  • Home fries to serve

  • Extra BBQ Sauce to serve


  1. Heat a 10-inch pan, preferably cast iron until hot. We went with a cast iron grill pan.

  2. Lightly oil the pan and place the two frozen burgers in the pan.

  3. Flip the burgers after 6 minutes and cook the other side for another 6 minutes.

  4. Remove from the pan and add the slices of cheese on each burger.

  5. Spread the BBQ sauce on both the halves of both the buns.

  6. Place the lettuce leaf on each burger bun bottom.

  7. Place the burger with cheese on top of the lettuce.

  8. Top the BUBBA burger with red onion slice, tomato slice, avocado slices and crispy onion ring.

  9. Finally place the top half of the burger bun.

  10. Stick a cocktail pick to hold the burger together and enjoy.


This recipe can easily be scaled up.

Find more inspiration here!

14 comments on “BUBBA Southwest Burger Recipe – A Sailors Wife

  1. Delicious! We love these burgers and have them often. My parents buy these as well! They truly are juicy and flavorful.

  2. This looks like a substantial burger. You’ll definitely feel full after. I love adding as much veg as I can into homemade burgers. It looks really good!!!!

  3. This burger looks amazing. I have got to try this out myself. I could really go for a good burger right now.

  4. I don’t think we have ever had a Bubba burger. This looks like such a hearty burger! I like that you have so many great add ons. Perfect for a summer BBQ.

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