Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail

Delicious Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail Recipe

I’m finally the age where I can have cookies for dinner, and no one can stop me! Adulthood is full of responsibility, but little treats like this Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail remind me that it’s also really FUN to do exactly what you like. This recipe is so incredibly simple, but it’s an indulgence that will brighten your whole week. Cotton candy PLUS alcohol?! Just too fun to resist. Let’s mix it up together; I guarantee you’ll have to smile when you’re making this one!

We start with good ol’ fashioned cotton candy! I love this pack – it includes 12 individually wrapped packages so you can use only what you need…and maybe even give some to the kids to get a few minutes of quiet time! And bonus…it’s peanut-free, kosher, and gluten-free. A quick warning – once you start searching for candy on Amazon, you might get a little distracted! I was really tempted by this Wedding Cake flavored variety! But today’s all about indulgence, so maybe slip one more thing into your cart! 

Next, you’ll need a pretty champagne flute and some razzle dazzle straws. The topper is the champagne or sparkling wine. Prosecco, champagne, or cava will all work. If you would drink it straight, then it’s fine to use! The best part of this drink is grabbing a big cotton candy fluff and poking it into the flute. Add more for a sweeter cocktail and less if you prefer a drier variety. 

Finally, pour your sparkling wine over the top and watch it fizz. Any sparkling wine you can grab from the grocery store will do; I’m partial to Korbel. Once it stops fizzing, it’s time to drink up! If you’re serving this cocktail for a girls’ night or a poolside treat, you can create a little cotton candy “lollipop” using a straw and a ball of fluff so guests can customize their own drinks. Fair warning; once you serve this magical little concoction, you just might get signed up for cocktail duty at every get together from now on. This one looks so impressive and Pinterest-worthy with almost zero effort.

Is there anything more nostalgic than watching cotton candy melt?! Especially when it’s melting into sparkling wine?! I know you’ll absolutely love this idea; it’s such an unexpected little bit of fun. You could even mix up versions for the kids using Sprite or club soda in place of the alcohol. Happy hour for everyone! 


  •  Sparkling Wine (champagne/Prosecco/cava) 
  • Cotton Candy
Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail

Step 1

Place a piece of cotton candy into a champagne flute. The more cotton Candy you add, the sweeter the drink will be.

Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail

Step 2

Pour sparkling wine over the cotton candy.

Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail

Step 3

Garnish with cotton candy.

I hope you enjoy this wonderfully tasting Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail!


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