Here’s How Macy’s Is Helping the Military This Summer

I was compensated by Blue Star Families in collaboration with Macy’s to write about “Macy’s Salutes Those Who Serve,” All opinions are my own.

Memorial Day may be over, but for companies who care about our armed forces and their families, there’s no better time to support our soldiers! This summer, Macy’s is taking action to help our military families. Through their round-up campaign, Macy’s will be donating customer contributions to two military nonprofits: Blue Star Families and Bunker Labs. I love seeing corporations that take the time to create charitable giving campaigns, then do their research and find the best places to support. As a military spouse, it means so much to me, and makes me a loyal customer!

Macy’s holds many memories for our military family. I love their prices and sales, but the connection runs deeper. When my husband was deployed, we faced the separation with all the strength and courage we could muster. As his homecoming approached, we shopped at Macy’s to buy special “welcome home” outfits. 

We’d waited so long, it just made sense to celebrate the moment with clothes that made us feel excited and festive. We wore them proudly to celebrate as we got to see and hug him again for the first time. Macy’s will always hold a special place in my heart! I remember each time I go to shop for new school clothes or summer vacation wear, and it creates a warm memory.

What is Macy’s Salutes Those Who Serve?

How do you decide which companies to patronize? As a customer, you have power with your dollars to affirm businesses who give back to the community. That’s why Macy’s commitment is so important! This year, Macy’s is running their regular charitable round-up campaign, Macy’s Salutes Those Who Serve. Have you contributed in the past? It’s a regular Macy’s commitment. 

Through the campaign, Macy’s has raised awareness and funds for various nonprofits and charities, and this year they’ll be contributing to both Blue Star Families and Bunker Labs. Both of these organizations are tirelessly committed to equity, encouragement, and empowerment for military members and their families. That’s a huge win for me, and I’m so excited to share their efforts this year with you as well.

Shop and Give Back!

I decided to join in on the fun and do a little guilt-less shopping while giving back. I visited Macy’s store in Oakbrook and met up with Macy’s stylist, Viana, to grab some cool stuff for my son and I. At the end of my purchase I was able to round up my purchase amount and donate it to Blue Star Families and the Bunker Labs. 

How Will The Funds Be Used?

As in years past, Macy’s will be supplying funds to Blue Star Families’ Racial Equity Initiative. This specific program was designed to improve the service experiences of military families of color. How do they do it? The program is founded on a community model, with highly local events, programs and resources designed to support the families who live there. 

This isn’t Macy’s first year supporting Blue Star Families and their Racial Equity Initiative; they’ve been involved since 2018 and have contributed to six military communities. Collectively, these six communities serve over 60,000 families yearly. Because of Blue Star’s hard work, families benefit from programs and resources valued at over $40 million. Even a small contribution as you check out at Macy’s adds up, as you can see!

Bunker Labs focuses on empowerment through entrepreneurship. This organization realizes that growth and advancement in the US can often come through starting your own business, but it can be a challenge! Their workshop series helps veterans from underrepresented populations in their quest to start and grow a business. Bunker Labs believes that supporting entrepreneurs from Black, female Latinx and Asian American communities (who are often underrepresented in business launches) is critical and will have a positive ripple effect through the community. When these entrepreneurs have the tools they need to succeed, they can bring their fantastic ideas and products to life, and we all benefit.

How Can You Get Involved?

Now through the end of July, just shop at Macy’s! Once you head up to the counter to pay, you’ll have the chance to contribute. When you’re asked if you’d like to round up your purchase amount and donate the extra change, say yes! The round up amounts, up to 99 cents, will be funneled to Macy’s campaign and to the work of Blue Star Families and Bunker Labs. 

It’s such an easy way to take advantage of great sales and deals, especially with the new school year coming up before we know it. I know, as a military spouse, that even small measures of support make huge ripples that affect so many families! If you’d like to find out even more about these organizations that are doing so much good for our armed services, please do some additional research. I’m so thrilled to help promote the work that Macy’s is doing…along with you!

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  1. I love any company that treats our military as VIP they have given their time to protect our country and deserve respect and gratitude!

  2. That’s really kind of Macy’s, I hope more stores or any kind of business would do the same.

  3. It’s great to hear that Macy’s is helping the military. I love that this isn’t a new initiative and they’ve been doing this in the past as it makes a big difference to those they support.

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