5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Kids

5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Kids

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The accomplishments and contributions that Latinos have made in the United States are endless, and Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes these successes for two months, giving you plenty of time to help your kids learn the importance of these days. Whether you’re a Latino family like us or a non-Latino home, learning about the many contributions, vast cultures, and amazing history of the Latino community will benefit your whole family. 

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Similar to Women’s History Month in March, Black History Month in February and LGBTQ Pride throughout June, National Hispanic Heritage Month teaches, celebrates, and acknowledges the contributions of an often underrepresented group. Individuals whose relatives came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. 

When Is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15th through October 15th.  Hispanic Heritage Month began as a commemorative week when it was first proposed in June of 1968 by California Congressman George E. Brown. On September 17th, 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the National Hispanic Heritage Week bill. He stated that he wanted to pay special tribute to the Hispanic tradition, considering that five Central American countries celebrate their Independence Day on September 15th and the Republic of Mexico on the sixteenth.In 1988 President Ronald Reagan passed a fundamental law extending the week to an entire month. 

Why It's Important

So many Hispanic and Latin Americans have made significant contributions to the United States. According to a 2009 study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, researchers found that “Hispanic and Latino children who grow up informed of their own culture are more likely to develop healthy behaviors than those who don’t. Children who celebrate their culture display higher self-esteem and are less likely to have behavior challenges”.

For Latino kids, a month devoted to their ancestors’ contributions to American society can reap enormous benefits. Therefore, when children have a strong sense of cultural self, from language to traditions to their heritage’s impact on society, they feel seen.

But the advantages of observing Hispanic Heritage Month don’t stop with Hispanic children. Teaching all children about other people’s cultures allows them to appreciate and celebrate the differences in all people. 

How to Celebrate with Kids

There are many ways to celebrate, teach, and pay tribute to the diverse Hispanic and Lantix cultures, traditions, art, and heroes around us. Here are some creative and easy ways to celebrate: 

Books To Read With Your Kids

You can read informative and inspiring books with your kids to learn about the wide range of voices and stories within Hispanic and Latino culture — from biographies to folktales; there’s something wonderful for every young reader amongst these reads. Books like “Alma and How She Got Her Name” and “My Abuelita” are great choices.

Movies to Watch Together

If your family loves movie nights, then choosing some movies for the month that center around Hispanic culture is a great idea. The Book of Life is a beautifully animated story about the culture and traditions of Day of the Dead. Coco is also a great choice.Coco follows the story of a little boy named Miguel, who wants to be a musician despite his family’s disapproval. He visits his ancestors in The Land of the Dead to learn about them and, ultimately, more about himself. And, of course, one of my all-time favorites, Selena, the story of a young Tejano star. 

Foods to Try

Food is a great way to honor the rich culture and heritage of people from Spain, Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Empanadas, Arepas, Mole, Ceviche, Flan, Arroz Con Leche. The list goes on and on.  

People of Hispanic origins have passed on recipes from generation to generation. With these super simple recipes, you can transport to another world and help give others a taste of your roots.  

There are also some excellent Latin snacks that are a must-try, such as A pack of De La Rosa Mazapan. A box of Argentinian Alfajores, a luxurious sandwich cookie filled with dulce de leche and dunked in chocolate, a bag of Vero Mango that’ll satisfy your craving for sweet and spicy. These mango-flavored lollipops from Mexico are coated in chili powder and are delicious! And of course, last but not least Marinela® cookies and snacks such as Marinela Barritas Pineapple Soft Filled Cookies, Marinela Polvorons Orange Flavored Shortbread Cookies, Marinela Barritas, and my favorite Marinela Canelitas.  

Games to Play

Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity for kids to learn more about the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. There are many games you can play with your kids that are not only fun but educational. 

Lotería, the traditional Mexican bingo game, is one of my kid’s favorite games to play. It is lots of fun, and the kids can learn so many new vocabulary words from this game.  

Another fun game is La Pirinola. This popular game is played with a wooden top called a pirinola in Mexico. It is called a perinola in some countries. The six-sided top has instructions on each side. This game is fun to play with your kids, and they will pick up a couple of very useful Spanish verbs.  

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If there is one thing that kids love, it is crafts. So why not immerse them in the Latino culture by enjoying time together making fun crafts. Growing up, some of my favorite crafts were making tissue paper flowers, making God’s Eye (Ojo De Dios), doing Nazca Lines Crafts, and making Day of the Dead Masks from Mexico.  

hispanic heritage month

Although the world is comprised of so many different kinds of people, Hispanic cultures have considerably influenced our culture and way of life. The Hispanic culture is embedded in our community from food, music, games, books, and more.  

Learning about Hispanic Heritage Month can teach compassion and acceptance of others that may not speak the same language, practice the same religion, or follow the same cultural practices as you. And in today’s society, learning to accept and welcome one another is reason enough to celebrate. 

Thanks to Marinela, Walmart, and Bimbo, I can share my Hispanic heritage not just this month but every day with my family, friends, and neighbors. Celebrar el mes de la hispanidad todo el año (Celebrate Hispanic Heritage all year long) with Bimbo Sweet Baked Goods, a game of Loteria, and some good music. You’re bound to have a great time!  

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  1. You have some great ideas here. We’re in Texas so there are so many opportunities to learn more about the culture. We love the foods!

  2. The Book of Life and Coco were both popular movies with my kids and a great way to celebrate with kids. We love the storyline and vibrant colours.

  3. I really love this. I think it’s a great idea. I’m going to have to celebrate with my children. They’ll love it.

  4. It is nice to learn about other cultures and the festivals/celebrations that they hold dear to their hearts. I remember when the movie Coco was shown, my grandson was so in love with it that he even asked his mommy to get him a guitar! When he comes over for a visit, we will watch the movie again.

  5. Great ideas and that food look really delicious.
    For me, it is so important to teach kids about their culture and heritage.

  6. I wonder why we don’t celebrate this in the schools??? I think I’m going to incorportate something into my classroom.

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