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My job as a blogger is especially fun when I get to partner with incredible brands, and today I’m introducing you to a special one I think you’ll love. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love my activewear, and I’m always interested in fashion choices that stand out from the crowd. We’ll be looking at four pieces sent to me by this unique clothing company today. Make sure you check out all they offer, too; you will be surprised at the wide selection and variety. 

In this post, I’m sharing some pieces from Peacebird! This company’s mission is to “let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion,” and I love that so much. Peacebird offers clothing, bags, shoes, and even coats. The photography on the website is really vivid – it provides plenty of inspiration if you’re looking for ways to wear their pieces. Peacebird sent me two pairs of leggings and two tees in this shipment, and I’ll be talking a bit about each and why I liked them so much.


Peacebird describes their brand in three categories: Street, Style, and Show. They’ve partnered with some big names, including Disney (they introduced some Mulan branded merch) and they’ve been featured in publications like Vogue, GQ, and Elle, just to name a few. They offer options for men, women, and kids. There’s a 10% off code on their website, and they also have a Sales tab to keep up on discounted items. Their name comes from the dove, the bird symbolizing peace and love, that inspired their mission.

So, let’s get into the clothes! You know that I am serious about an active lifestyle and wearing clothes that I feel great in every day. When it comes to products I love, I’ll always share them with my readers! Whenever I find clothing items I enjoy, I find ways to style them on my blog and in my everyday life.

The first item sent to me by Peacebird was this pair of Breathable Solid Purple Leggings in a size large. They’re sleek, smooth, and fit true to size. Lots of leggings can be too sheer or not suitable for street wear, but these are great. They’re high waist and a great weight for spring and summer. A good pair of leggings is hard to find – and I’m a fan. These are also priced well; they’re good quality but not prohibitively expensive.

This Knitted Hat Bear Print Tee in Black (also a size large) was so unexpected, but I really liked it! The little hat is actually knitted and has a “3D” effect on the shirt; it looks like the bear is really wearing it. A great option for someone who likes to look different than everyone else, but still be stylish. If you’re not someone who wears graphic tees very often, there are many ways to style them; you’ll find something that resonates with you for sure. 

The Solid Breathable Sports Leggings are great for workouts! Peacebird sent me a large in the gray blue color. These are really fun – the panel detailing on the legs is really flattering, and the waist is high. These are also a great weight and texture for the price; they’re definitely worth the purchase! Sizes range from small to extra large. They’re also great for wearing outside the gym – which isn’t true for all leggings, of course!

Finally, this Letter Embroidered Sequins Pink Knit Top was really exciting to style. It has a preppy, 90’s flair that’s so in right now, and the quality was great. Peacebird sent this in size large as well. It’s also available in white. The styling on the website includes a skirt, but I could see this working well with some of the funky vintage denim that’s so popular right now. The color is cute and the color is a touch of fun, too. Plus – who doesn’t love a little sparkle in the sequins!

Right now, the world of fashion is wide open! There are so many different ways to upgrade your look, no matter your taste. Many of us are feeling especially ready to return to fashion that expresses our unique personalities, and Peacebird is a great way to do just that. It’s also affordable if you’re looking to try new things without spending a fortune – they offer free shipping with orders over $69. I love re-energizing my look with some new and interesting pieces, and I hope you’ll do that, too! Also, don’t forget to use code KRISTAL15 for 15% off! 

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