Kids’ Bike Brand woom Partners with Military Nonprofit to Support Navy SEAL Families

As parents, we all give our best to ensure that our children have the opportunity to grow up strong and healthy. But when the demands of military life come into play, it can put tremendous strain on a family’s ability to maintain their usual routine of facilitating healthful activities for their kids. I am so excited to share that the Kids’ Bike Brand, Woom, is making a huge difference in Navy SEAL families across America by partnering with C4 Foundation, a nonprofit providing neuroscience-based programs to help Navy SEALs transition from combat to home. 

With this new partnership, Woom will provide high-quality bicycles explicitly designed for children ages 18 months–14 at no cost to the C4 Foundation – allowing thousands of young selfless heroes access to the tools they need to get outdoors in nature and foster better physical and mental well-being through bike riding.

Woom is all about celebrating families of all shapes and sizes – and what better way to do that than with the joy of biking? From providing new bikes to kids who lost their homes in wildfires to supporting foster families in Austin, their mission is to give back to their communities. But their latest partnership with the C4 Foundation is particularly special to us, being a military family. The foundation helps Navy SEAL families reconnect, build strength, and heal – and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of their efforts. We’re so excited to see their support’s impact on these brave families.

In 2013, Christian and Marcus made it their mission to bring the joy of cycling to children everywhere. They started a journey from their garage in Vienna that has since led Woom bikes worldwide! With years of expertise and passion for riding, these two dads used data about child anatomy blended with unique designs – fabricating bicycles that fit kids perfectly while teaching them how to ride confidently on the street right outside their base camp. Six years later, they’re proud to see their footprint across 30 countries, including USA & China — empowering more families than ever before through quality yet affordable products designed by parents who understand just what their little one needs when they explore beyond their home turf!

The C4 Foundation proudly serves the nation’s most heroic warriors and their families by providing uniquely tailored resources, support networks, and programs. Through neuroscience-based initiatives approved by Naval Special Warfare Command itself, we work to bring a sense of community connection while also reducing stress levels among active Navy SEALs – ensuring that these brave heroes may focus on protecting our country with peace in mind for themselves and their family back home.

the c4 foundation

Thank you, Military Families

We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the brave service of military heroes, both near and far. Every day these courageous individuals make personal sacrifices in order to give us all a safe place we can call home – what an incredible gift! Thank you, Navy SEALs and everyone else who serve so selflessly!

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