Wendy’s® Breakfast and Frosty® Cream Cold Brew: Fueling Busy Days with Freshness and Deliciousness

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For the on-the-go working consumer, finding a breakfast and coffee option that is both convenient and satisfying can be a game-changer. Wendy’s has stepped up to the plate with their breakfast menu designed for those who need a quick meal that can be easily enjoyed in the car or at their desk. Alongside their breakfast offerings, Wendy’s has also introduced the Frosty® Cream Cold Brew, a delightful twist on the classic cold brew coffee. Let’s dive into why Wendy’s breakfast and Frosty Cream Cold Brew are the perfect companions for busy mornings and beyond.

Wendy’s Breakfast: Freshness and Convenience: Wendy’s breakfast stands out with its emphasis on using fresh ingredients. From the freshly-cracked Grade A eggs to the juicy chicken breast and applewood smoked bacon, each bite bursts with flavor and quality. Moreover, Wendy’s offers the convenience of ordering through their app, ensuring that your breakfast is ready when you arrive. This means no waiting in lines and more time to tackle your busy day.


Breakfast Hours and Combo Offerings: Wendy’s breakfast is available from 6:30 am through 10:30 am, catering to early risers and those who prefer a slightly later start. Additionally, all breakfast sandwiches and French Toast Sticks are offered in a combo that includes small, seasoned potatoes and a small beverage. This comprehensive combo ensures that you have a complete and satisfying meal to kickstart your day.

Frosty® Cream Cold Brew: The Perfect Dessert in a Cup: When it comes to cold brews, Wendy’s Frosty® Cream Cold Brew is a game-changer. Available in vanilla, caramel, and chocolate flavors, this new addition combines the creamy goodness of a Frosty with the smoothness of a cold brew. Whether you’re in need of a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon refresher, or a tasty late-night drink, the Frosty® Cream Cold Brew has got you covered.

Wendy’s delicious Made-to-Crave Sandwiches from the PM side of the menu, such as the Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken, Dave’s Double, or the iconic Baconator®. Additionally, it complements any of your favorite Wendy’s breakfast items like the Breakfast Baconator® or the Bacon, Egg, and Swiss Croissant.

Wendy’s understands the needs of the on-the-go consumer, providing fresh and convenient breakfast options that can be enjoyed anywhere. With their emphasis on quality ingredients and the added convenience of mobile ordering, Wendy’s breakfast is the perfect choice for busy mornings. And now, with theirFrosty® Cream Cold Brew, Wendy’s offers a delightful and refreshing coffee experience that combines the best of both worlds. So whether you’re kickstarting your day or looking for a mid-day treat, Wendy’s has you covered with their breakfast and Frosty® Cream Cold Brew offerings.

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