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My name is Kristal, I am a proud Military Wife and Mom. I also like to think of myself as the boss and CEO of the Leon house. (Or so I think I am!) I created A Sailors Wife Blog as a resource for parents and spouses of both Military and non Military families.

Some time ago, I found myself in a whirlwind of emotions when I found out my husband was deploying. I had never experienced deployment and I definitely was not an experienced Military Wife. Throughout our journey of deployment, I found myself lost and trying to make sense of all the turmoil. I seriously thought my relationship would not make it through deployment but we did. At the time I was going through this journey I wished I would have had the resources, tips and tricks to make my life easier as a parent, as a mom and as a Military wife. This is what inspired me to create A Sailors Wife Blog.

My goal is to provide you with the best tips, resources, and advice to help you achieve your goals- whether it is providing a positive parenting relationship with your children, or successfully overcoming deployment and maintaining a strong marriage and family foundation.

Please use this page to guide and support your own family using the millions in the military and parenting community. Feel free to ask questions, offer support and make life long friends. If you are a parent, you know it takes more than just a village to raise a child, so why not make it a positive journey along the way!

A Sailors Wife
411 on Kristal

Who I live with: I live with my husband, three kids and two fur babies named Honey Bee and Lady Bird.

Where I live: I live in Chicago, Illinois. I hate it.

How I like to spend my time: I love to spend time with my family. You can always find me at my children’s sports games. I’m usually the mom standing in the bleachers, yelling at my kids to MOVE!

My favorite things: I love Greek yogurt with roasted pecans and honey (actually I’m pretty addicted), anything chocolate, and I am obsessed with Target. I’m the lady that can spot a clearance tag a mile away but can’t find her keys.

A Sailors Wife
What’s Next?

If you’re ready to find some tips and resources to help you become the best mom you can be or are looking for tips and tricks for dealing with deployment, look no further. This Momma has got you covered. Stop by my GETTING STARTED page and don’t forget to check out my RESOURCE PAGE Also, don’t forget to leave a comment introducing yourself. I would love to know more about you too!

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  1. Hello Kristal,
    Just checking in on your great blog. I read your 411 ON Kristal and I also can spot a “clearance tag a mile away…” I get goosebumps when I get near a really good coupon, Reading your reasons for starting your blog open my eyes on how much of a sacrifice is put on the families of our brave soldiers. It is inspirational to see how in time of turmoil, you created a wonderful thing.

  2. Glad to know read out your story. Hope you will share more life story about you and your families. I wish you the best of luck. Happy Blogging 🙂

    1. Excellent article. A really good article, very helpful and share your life journey and offer support to women who face similar situations. Lovely impressive pictures! I really like all of the topics you made.

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