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Welcome to A Sailors Wife Blog. I am so glad you are here. This page is the best way to getting started on A Sailors Wife Blog. This page is a helpful navigation tool to help you maneuver through my website quickly and to get to know each section of my blog. Feel free to leave any comments below, if you have any questions. Okay, here we go! 


Parenting is hard, actually, it’s really hard. Unfortunately for us Momma’s there is no instruction manual that comes with having kids. So, I have the next best thing, my blog! In the Parenting section of my main menu, you will find blog posts with topics all about parenting. A Sailors Wife will provide you with positive parenting solutions, tips, and advice for your many parenting problems. My goal is to provide you with relatable and educational content that will also empower you as a mother, wife and a woman. 


The Military Life section on my main menu is all about, you guessed it, military life! This section focuses on the real-life encounters of a military spouse in today’s world.  One thing about military life is that it can get lonely. So, I have created this blog section to develop a community of individuals who can connect with others that they can relate to. I also created this section so that spouses can receive tips, advice, and support from a fellow military spouse! When I first started my military wife journey, I was clueless. And let me tell you, it’s not great to be clueless three weeks after getting married when your new husband leaves for deployment. (OMG, that was not fun!) Reading military spouse blogs really helped me keep it together during my first deployment AND the first year of my marriage. It was nice to know that I was not alone, and there were spouses out in the blog world who I could relate to. 


Who doesn’t love to travel? What about travel and kids at the same time? I say, YES! If there is one thing that I preach, it is that family travel is so very important. My family and I love to travel and throughout our travel journeys I have picked up a lot of useful tips and resources along the way that I would like to share with you. We are a regular, middle-class family who finds ways to travel with our very modest middle-class budget. In the Travel section of my blog, I will provide you with a collection of my very best travel advice, trip reports, tricks and resources for traveling with your whole family, including those furry babies and how to do it on a budget! 


I think it is very important to have access to many different resources on various topics. So, I created this section of my blog for just that. My Resource section is somewhat of my toolbox section for my readers. I will provide you with various links and resources on topics related to blogging, travel, parenting and military life. If there is a tool that I have used in my life that has been helpful, I want to share it with you! My goal is to make your life easier.


This is the section of my blog where I share recommendations for my favorite products, place, and services. One thing that I am always doing is scrolling through reviews that I am interested in but it is soooo time-consuming. So I have created this Review section of my blog to provide you with quick, useful reviews of popular products right at your fingertips. I think reviews can be very useful and want to share my experiences with you before you decide to buy a product or service. All of my reviews are honest and I only recommend products that I really love. 

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